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“Gateways Through Stone and Circle” by Ashen Chassan is a compendium of personal experiences and research from a traditional ceremonial magician working through a classical book of magic. This volume is a complete and in-depth study in the “Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals” as found in Francis Barrett’s, The Magus, and accredited to Trithemius of Spanheim. Detailed research, personal experimentation, and evoking each of the seven planetary archangels and intelligences to visible and auditory presence are presented within… It is a modern day grimoire from a traditional grimorist. It is drawn from one who has been studying and practicing Western occult magic for nearly two decades and has recreated the procedures that achieve results. The methods contained within are constructed as closely to the original text as possible and filled with suggestions and points to assist the beginning magician as well as the advanced practitioner.





Holy Guardian Angel by Aaron Leitch, Frater Ashen Chassan, and Mike Cecchetelli is a new book edited by the author of Scarlet Imprint’s “Crossed Keys”, in which various authors offer their insights into the “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”. The book is broken into four parts: the nature of the HGA; what comes after contact and how to work with the HGA; different schools of thought about the HGA; and a section devoted to some of the important blog posts made during the 2011 pan-blogosphere debates on the HGA.







Ritual Offerings edited by Aaron Leitch

…Throughout history, ritual offerings have been the central pillar of all magick and religion. Very often, a magickal ritual consists of nothing more than the making of a prescribed offering to a particular spirit in a specified time and place, yet here in the West, the making of an offering has been equated with the worship of the spirit receiving it. The act of offering a spirit something as payment for services rendered has a close association with the dreaded “pact with the Devil,” by which a magician surely sells his soul to damnation, but to the rest of the world an offering is intended to feed and empower a spiritual entity, and to pay it fairly for its aid….





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