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For those of you on the path of traditional western ceremonial/ritual magick, the Solomonic strain of grimoric evocation/invocation, and conjuration, if there is a matter you think I could help you with then you may wish to consider the following services and items.

If you are looking for a magical item which is not discussed here, please email me with as much detail as to what you are looking for and I will quote you a price. You may also contact me on facebook “Frater Ashen Chassan”

Magical Consulting Price List

  • Skype or other visual/audio media conference: $125.00 per hour.
  • Instant Messaging over Social media: $90.00 per hour. 
    • For email assistance and correspondence for your particular issue, price will be adjusted based on length of teaching/coaching, and feedback etc.
  • Spellwork will be considered and priced after initial inquiry and consideration of your request.
    • If your motivations and reasons for magic are in any way suspect I will most likely not take your case.

I also have made the ritual items for DSIC as I describe in my book, Gateways Through Stone and Circle not only for myself but for other serious magicians as well. If you need an Item based of the Key of Solomon, The Lesser Key or Lemegeton, Heptomeron, Grimorium Verum, The Grand Grimoire, The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, etc.

  • My abilities and expertise are not limited to the above works of magic however so if you are interested in an art or implement outside of this realm feel free to inquire.

Many if not most grimoric items are quite difficult to make properly. The materials which go into them are typically expensive and difficult to come by as well. I time the crafting of such implements seriously and will adhere to the times and planetary alignments listed in the Key of Solomon if they are not specifically listed in the grimoire they originate from.

Magical Items Price list

The Art of Drawing spirits into crystals (DSIC):$TBA

The Ebony Pedestal: $900.00 (Materials: Black ebony wood, 24k gold leafing and symbols, 18k gold filled plate and 100% quartz crystal sphere.

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The Holy Table: $200.00 on round wood disk of 1 1/2″ to 3″ engraved and painted. (Wax or metal Holy table will be priced differently depending on type of material desired.

Ebony wand : $300.00 made to your specifications of dimensions, length and lettering ebony wood, 24k gold leafing.

Magic circle painted on canvas (DSIC)

5″ diameter : $125.00

8″ diameter : $180.00

9″ diameter: $260.00

Talismans as from the Key of Solomon: Price of Talisman will be determined by material used, difficulty, size and method of construction.

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Scrying Mirror of The Moon with stand: $300.00 LARGE 18″ diameter

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