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Ignis Maxima!


Happy Summer Solstice indeed….on a Tuesday…the day of Mars….the first time of the sun at the hour of Mars. Can we say “Fire Power”?

I think so. I thought as much and decided it was a perfect day and time to use the compounding ‘fire’ energies to consecrate my new fire wand. My magic room is already set up for fire Almadel workings with the red decor, so alternating it somewhat to accommodate the Golden Dawn type workings of the consecration ceremonies based on the Opening By Watchtower took little time.

I long since memorized the ritual and it unfolded lovely in the wee hours of this spectacular Summer morning. In addition I utilized Levi’s prayer to the salamanders and my own constructed calls…

My custom made Fire Wand. The shaft is carved from aromatic cedar with an inner core of fire powder then painted bright red. A bronze dragon plated in 24kt gold curls around the wand. The wand is studded with rubies, garnets and fire opals.



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