Halloweens Past

Beannachta Samhain
I honor deeply, all those who have gone before me.
To all, who’s lives have helped shape my own, to those who continue their care and support beyond the veil. I extend deepest gratitude.
For each life which is sorely missed, and for those who seek life renewed, yet linger in shadowed past.
To my family and dear friends who have rejoined with the source and to those who have formed bonds beyond heart and body, I thank you all…
There is no fear in the familiar, no worry in the inevitable, and forever gratitude in their enduring support. In this, beyond the curtain of woven senses, are those who were never in body but forever active in soul and this season’s honor is also belonging to each of them who continue to help me through my own journey.

Halloween was always a big deal growing up. In my California home town, the entire neighborhood put on an almost theme park type display with make shift rides and attractions. People acted out Halloween type scenarios: posing as perfectly still statues, rising out of mist filled coffins, and running around on all fours like a werewolf. A couple houses would have multitudes of those professionally carved pumpkins which resembled faces and scenes that seemed impossible to carve out of a gourd. The experience every year was always so amazing and lots of fun for people of all ages. It was a truly a magic filled, fun evening, with everyone involved. I don’t recall a single house not participating in the event. Hundreds of kids raced up and down the streets in well made costumes and parents joined in. I recall my friends and I having two candy filled pillow cases each after the night was through. My family loved the holidays and my dad especially loved it, decorating, carving pumpkins, and sharing a Halloween story wrote called “The Incredible Pumpkin Man”. The story had been written for a local newspaper and later it was made into a short film. The holidays were always something to look forward to in my house growing up. Traditions my parents did a fabulous job passing on.
As I grew older I still loved the holidays but became interested on their origins that most westerners take for granted. Due to my Irish and Scottish heritage I became quite interested in the Celtic customs and holidays. Years later, I co founded a Druidic Grove where the feish were celebrated and Halloween/Samhain took on a whole new, and exciting meaning for me. The holiday now took on a more respectable representation with appreciation for those who have passed on and an appreciation for the dark and the unknown.

When I was fifteen, I decided to go on a Wild Hunt, which is a term stemming from a piece of Germanic instead of Celtic lore, but one I found irresistible nonetheless. The procedure for the said rite involved a thrilling reconstruction from an author whose notoriety was more than questionable. It basically involves setting out on Halloween night on the hours “Darkest before dawn” (3am- right before sunrise) and pitting your wits against the unknown in a wilderness area over many square miles.

The book containing the ritual in question is highly falsified in its claims and representation of Celtic culture and magic, but one which I found early value in and which led me to further pursuits of traditional magic. Needless to say the experience was rather hair rising and one of the most challenging I ever put myself through.

Later Samhain events consisted more venturing past the veil to reconnect with people and places long since removed from my day to day awareness…while still indoors. The holiday represented an appropriate time to allow the essence of people and events I loved to return from the closed parts of myself which kept painful losses stored away. It also opened up large avenues for experiencince and learning, utilizing trance and hypnosis techniques I’d grown efficient in. It’s been years since I’ve gone out alone in the wilderness during Samhain to pit my will against my fears and the unknown, but I still remember the feelings perfectly.

This year, I utilized my time to set out a plate of prepared food and treats, and keep the candles and lamps burning through the night. I give spoken thanks to what I have sensed as assisting interlude from relatives and friends who have passed on. Though I no longer celebrate the Celtic pagan holidays in groups like I use to, I take with me the important aspects which have moved near to my heart.

Life and color withdraw, descending in a beautiful kaleidoscope of form, in cycle. Led perfectly by the design of creation, each image is expressed in momentary brilliance. As if told by a visual fable, each color paints a tapestry of life lived on purpose. A cooling breeze scatters a crescendo of leaves, leaving us with memories recalled through sights, sounds, scents, and feelings. An eventual return to stillness, the leaves come to gentle rest, a promise of altered renewal. We must make room and remember what led the new, and who leads the way for our arrival. Many do not wonder beyond safe trappings of perceived existence without variance. Through stirrings in our hearts of life’s inevitability, we fear the one given certainty of nature’s design. Perhaps dread stems from the wells of unrealized dreams, or our foolish grasping after the shifting sands of time. Memories haunt when we linger in them …too long, dulling the gifts of the present.
They are cherished within our memories, but do not exist there. You will not find them in photos whose still features hold no current place or being. Nothing is gone but often beyond our sight. That which we do not know is that which each of us realizes beyond sheltering creeds or faith.

The bare, still, branches hide the slumbering buds of new life. We fear not, for it has been seen. So it is with that which is not seen. Give a moment of present to those of our past, look fondly on them beyond what you can see, and speak as if time has no baring.


Ignis Maxima!


Happy Summer Solstice indeed….on a Tuesday…the day of Mars….the first time of the sun at the hour of Mars. Can we say “Fire Power”?

I think so. I thought as much and decided it was a perfect day and time to use the compounding ‘fire’ energies to consecrate my new fire wand. My magic room is already set up for fire Almadel workings with the red decor, so alternating it somewhat to accommodate the Golden Dawn type workings of the consecration ceremonies based on the Opening By Watchtower took little time.

I long since memorized the ritual and it unfolded lovely in the wee hours of this spectacular Summer morning. In addition I utilized Levi’s prayer to the salamanders and my own constructed calls…

My custom made Fire Wand. The shaft is carved from aromatic cedar with an inner core of fire powder then painted bright red. A bronze dragon plated in 24kt gold curls around the wand. The wand is studded with rubies, garnets and fire opals.


Summer Solstice: Southern Fire Almadel

I do not keep my blog updated as much as I …could, I suppose. I keep in contact with other magicians over Facebook on a more regular basis, but for those who are interested in my magical workings, there are four major workings in undertaking which do not count daily and weekly practices.
These four are:
1. Tradtional, grimoric, Goetic evocation to ‘physical manifestation’/apperence.
2. Weekley (Sunday) Almadel evocations.
3. Trithemius Angelic planatery evocations.
4.  Elemental evocations
There is some info I may be posting which will be back dated as I have been writing and adding to it as I’ve been practicing.
This posting however is about the red Summer Almadel. I completed the Spring Air/White operation and performed an operation almost every Sunday of the season. I attempted and succeeded to contact all five of the Angels which are listed in The Lemegeton. The experiences were by far some of the most amazing I’ve experienced pursuing OSM, or traditional grimoric magicke ( spelling Goetia) by the book. So I’ve decided to continue in this work and intend to create and work with all four of the Almadel tablets and cross quarter angels of the elements/seasons. I’ve learned so much working with this system and believe that contact with these angels are imperative before attempting to successfully conjure and control the demons of the Goetia.
The Lemegeton seems to be set up for success when working it ‘back to front’, and may have actually been written that way originally. If originally from a Jewish tradition it would have been written thus.

Although not described in the text itself, I believe each Almadel was intended to be inscribed with the triangle and inner words ‘pointing’ toward the names (and thus the proper direction/Chora/altitude) which the Almadel is designed. I designed the Eastern Almadel this way and received the before results so I’m taking this as a sign I’m on the right track. Also, I have followed the two Hebrew versions of the Almadel and corresponding names rather than the pictured one.Making the Southern Almadel was not quite as difficult or time consuming as the first (Eastern) one . I learned a lot after making the first one. It still took me from the hour of the sun (5:33 AM) till about 11:00 am though which was long enough. The process is tedious, time consuming, and potentially very messy with difficult clean up.

 I woke at 5:00 AM, washed, said part of the Solomonic bathing ritual, and went down to the magical room to retrieve everything I use to make the wax and clay items. Before the allotted time, I knelt in front of my altar with all the items , prayed over them and sprinkled everything with holy water.

This coming Sunday will be my first in contacting these particular angels. I actually received advise from the Eastern angels on what to ask for and how to speak with them which was surprising.

I have the other previous accounts recorded but I have not posted any them yet. I debate the idea with how much (magickal) information to share on an online blog. Regardless,I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos of my work. All the best in the Great work!

Easter Angels

April 24th Easter Sunday. 0610am.
Woke up tired but mind more empty..Washed face and hands but did not shower. Operation now ritualized with sure steps:
1. Arrive in Oratory and light my main oil lamp.
2. Walk clockwise around perimeter, open white curtains of altar space, and secure side openings. I also get charcoal and a side burner ready and place it near the canopy.

3. Retrieve my Alamadel materials from my altar cabinet. Three white church linens contain three parts of the Almadel setup. The first on the bottom hold the four white candles and candlesticks. The second cold the wax Almadel tablet and silver talisman. The third hold the crystal ball, gold crystal stand and white incense burner. I also retrieve my printed invocation on two sheets of parchment and a pure white card stock sheet. I place the items within the coiled white rope that sets the perimeter of my working space in front of the curtained canopy.

4. First, I unwrap the large linen that contains the candles and candlesticks, place the linen on the altar as the main altar cloth and then set the white card stock directly in the center which the candle sticks will be placed on. I then arrange the candlesticks in approximate distance for the Almadel to sit on and place the candles securely within. I then unwrap the Almadel, remove the talisman and set it upon the Altar cloth. Then, without touching the Almadel with my bare hands, I use the linen to arrange the tablet on the four candlesticks. I then set the silver talisman directly in the center. Next, I unwrap the crystal ball and stand making sure I do not touch the polished crystal with my bare hands. I arrange the stand over the silver talisman and palace the crystal ball on the stand using the linen.

5. When that is set and the tablet is balanced well between the candles, I light the charcoal using the light from my oil lamp. When the charcoal is burning and being ready to be used I begin with a set of purifying prayers to God and use a bit of my will to become centered and clear my mind and heart for what I’m about to do. When I feel ready I light the candles ( I begin with the one in the far left which I designate as the ‘Eastern’ most candle, then moving clockwise I go in order: South, West, then North). I then recite the Invocation which is printed on my parchment and given in the Lemegeton. This morning the call was to the angel Borachiel (BRa+Chy+El) “Life Creator of God”)
My first invocation I vibrated the holy names but only had moderate attention and will put into what I was saying and became distracted when I noticed the Almadel tablet looked uneven upon the candlesticks. I resorted to correcting the placement, trying to level the tablet without touching it but felt I had lost the focus of my ritual. I decided to begin again and this time I poured my full concentration and will into what I was saying and did not bother with ‘vibrating’ the words so in as much as I felt and spoke of the power those names represented. Even more so than before, I focused solely on what I was doing and thought of nothing else. Somewhere in the midst of my invocation, I began to feel a presence descend and recognized the unmistakable increase in light and density above the tablet. I transferred the charcoal to my white clay censor and placed a bit of mastic powder upon it. I then placed the censor under the Almadel and the perfume began to swirl around the tablet, candles, and crystal stone.
I then recited the invocation and prayer to the angel ending it with my personal desire to see, hear, and communicate clearer with all manor of spirits I would seek to call. I then sat and let my gaze become enveloped by the glowing presence of the Almadel and crystal sphere. I gazed for some time and eventually beheld a man like figure in the right side of the ball which moved to the forefront. I focused my gaze on this figure but had trouble seeing it clearer. At this same time, I immediately became aware of the fact that every time I begin to behold a spiritual being, I get so excited to tell others of this experience that I get distracted and lose focus of the operation. This point has been a bit too prevalent in my works of late. With a sense of deliberate will, I wiped away all distracting thoughts and spoke aloud and directly toward the figure asking that my mind be clear and focused only on itself and learning what it had to offer. I at once began speaking a prayer and invocation of my own spontaneous invention. It came out of a sincere desire to converse with the being who was gracious enough to even attend upon my ceremony.

This time the Almadel sparked (the candles and lights actually sparked) and a large gold and white mist enveloped the entire altar table. I saw the image of the figure move to the back of the sphere and this time it took on a very distinct 3D image of a thin, masculine face looking directly at me. At fist I was sure my eyes had focused on my own reflection which had not been there previously, but I moved my head from side to side and the image did not follow my movements. I heard clear instructions in my mind that I was to close my eyes and count ten slow breaths, thinking on absolutely nothing but my breathing. I did so and felt all thoughts, cares, and even physical sensation drift away. When I reopened my eyes I had no thought in my mind but saw the face again, even clearer than before. it turned and extended an arm and hand which swirling clouds or misty forms appeared over. At once I began speaking again as if this begin was helping me to correct my mind and intentions toward what this art was really about. I spoke something along the lines of, ” Oh great angel of the East, of the Dawn and new fresh beginnings of life and day, you angel of the East, of air, of springtime and youth, grant my mind clear of all needless folly, thoughts, and distraction which intrudes on your true gifts. Let my mind be still to receive thee, and my heart be open to your teachings and words that I may better connect with the truth of divine living.”
After this spontaneous prayer, I felt a block that was somewhere hidden between my mind and my heart release and I began to weep. I saw images of the face turn and be seen in profile only to move froward and backward in perspective, I saw the lights shimmer but more so i felt clarity of mind I have not felt for a long while. my mind was quite but my heart was overflowing with a release of emotion I am not able to put into words. I stayed a long while just watching the figure before me move every so often and show various images above its outstretched hand. My mind remained still and calm. Emotionally, I felt more than I could comprehend. I prayed in thanks a long while after. I prayed with full heart and empty of distracting thoughts. my eyes still tear at the sensation and remembrance

I’m really quite the fool sometimes, but thankful, oh so thankful for this experience. I’m not quite sure why such beings even waste the time to converse with me, but I’m so glad they do, …and so glad I took the time to try.