Western Mystery Conference in Austin, Tx

October 16th-18th, 2015

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The 4th Annual SOMA Western Mystery Conference. This years SOMA Western Mystery Conference promises to be phenomenal. SOMA is more diversified than ever; bringing in speakers from such rich and varied traditions as Wicca, AA, Martinism, Kabbalah, Ceremonial Magic, OTO, Chaos, Freemasonry and of course, Golden Dawn. Tickets available here! 

10704_427708117399982_144817691030035835_nSchedule of event are as follows:

Friday October 16th : 10am -7PM Lectures and Lunch

Friday October 16th: 7pm-10pm – Meet and Greet, Book Signing Ware selling and Opening Group Ritual.

Saturday October 17th: 10am-7pm – Lectures & Lunch, 9pm Special Ritual, 11pm Special Ritual

Sunday October 18th: 10am-3pm – More Lectures and Closing Group Ritual.



Website revamp!

I was recently gifted the present of a new website and social media page in trade for some magical workings. What a wonderful gift it was! I now have an organized site that is:

  • The website is linked to a proper facebook page as well as google plus.
  • My blog postings are now searchable by category and have proper SEO links-so you can find everything you need.
  • There is a commission request page where you can submit details for custom magickal supplies.
  • Keep up with my book signings, presentations and podcasts on the new event page!
  • Review older interviews or find out where to purchase one of my books on the published works page!
  • There is still a blog where you can stay up to date with my recent musings
Necromancer by Mani C. Price

Necromancer by Mani C. Price 

Hand-bound edition!

Nephilim Press has released the fine, vellum bound edition of
Gateways Through Stone and Circle.

This hand bound, fine edition book is bound in full Imperial Vellum by master bookbinder Joel Radcliff at Ars Obscura Bookbinding in Seattle Washington. This edition is limited to only 20 hand numbered copies at a price of $350 per copy. To purchase your copy please send an email to frank@nephilimpress.com and we will confirm availability and send you an invoice.
Vellum is parchment made from calf skin, as opposed to that from other animals. The term is sometimes used with a more general meaning referring to finer-quality parchments made from a variety of animal skins. It is generally smooth and durable, although there are great variations depending on preparation and the quality of the skin (there will be slight imperfections in the skin left over from the scraping of the hide, this is normal). The manufacture involves the cleaning, bleaching, stretching on a frame, and scraping of the skin with a crescent shaped knife. To create tension, scraping is alternated with wetting and drying.

Place Marker Ribbon

There is also a maroon place marker ribbon inserted in the book. Hand Marbled Endpapers

This edition also has hand marbled maroon and gold end papers with gold flake particles that sparkle brilliantly in the light.

Leather Skiver
A blood red leather skiver is affixed to the spine and stamped with gold foil. The spine itself has raised bands with gold foil outlines.

Reserve List

-A reserved list has been created for the long awaited-

Gateways Through Stone and Circle
“A Manual of Evocation for the Planetary Intelligences”

-If you would like to reserve a copy which will be available around the first of April, enter your name and email in the


in order to receive current book releases and news for when the book is available for order. Each person must enter their own info in order to receive their reserved copy.

and specify if you would be interested in a fine leather-bound edition (limited to 12), basic leatherbound or the standard cloth-bound. –

More info on the book bellow or go to


“Gateways Through Stone and Circle” is a compendium of personal experiences and research from a traditional ceremonial magician working through a classical book of magic. This volume is a complete and in-depth study in the “Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals” as found in Francis Barrett’s, The Magus, and accredited to Trithemius of Spanheim. Detailed research, personal experimentation, and evoking each of the seven planetary archangels and intelligences to visible and auditory presence are presented within. You will find descriptions of the seven planetary archangels as witnessed by the author, instructions for building each of the traditional implements and furniture to the specifications of the grimoire, as well as detailed illustrations of the author’s actual equipment. Items such as the infamous Book of Spirits or Liber Spirituum are explained in detail so the reader will know how to make and use one. Chapters also describe methods for improving scrying abilities, working with a partner, and conducting the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Everything to make this art work is explained in incredibly vivid detail.

The purpose for this book is to present a workable manual wherein the aspiring magus can replicate a valuable system of magic to achieve successful and reliable discourse with some of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. “No other book has unveiled how to perform this experiment successfully within the traditional manner.” This work is not a theoretical analysis of a historic manuscript from an academic scholar, nor is it based on presumption and guess work. It is a modern day grimoire from a traditional grimorist. It is drawn from one who has been studying and practicing Western occult magic for nearly two decades and has recreated the procedures that achieve results. The methods contained within are constructed as closely to the original text as possible and filled with suggestions and points to assist the beginning magician as well as the advanced practitioner.

The author decided to add more material to the book after his test audience made some suggestions. The book is scheduled to be released at the end of April of this year.

Book by Frater Ashen F.:N.:F.:

From what I’ve been told by my publisher there will be two or three different editions available:

-A Select number of twelve copies will be made bound in fine calf leather with silver gilt accent leaf and other features which will be the collectors grimoire.These rare tomes will be selling for $350-$500.

-The next will have leather binding and accents that will be around $150.00

– The fine cloth bound, hardcover standard editions will be under or around $60.00.

The prices are based on estimates I was given and of course will ultimately be determined by the final format and materials used, etc. For those who are interested in the fine or any other editions, enter your name and email address in the Preferred Customer section on:


On its way!

My Book has taken so much longer than I could have ever anticipated. It is nice to finally see it in the “UPCOMING” section on my publisher’s web page. Visit NEPHILIM PRESS and look around

The book is to be officially titled:

Gateways Through Stone and Circle
“A Manual of Evocation for the Planetary Intelligences”

A magical colleague and friend Inominandum, now has The Book of Abrasax published and for sale. I highly recommend his work. I plan on doing a review as soon as I read through the material.
NEPHILIM looks to have some great magician/ authors up on their sight and I’ve been pleased with how my work and correspondence with them has gone. I’m very excited to learn of others who have begun experimenting with the art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals and are trying to conduct these operations in earnest. It seems a large surge of magicians are collaborating and sharing their experiences. I cannot wait to hear how this work will impact everyone who tried it for themselves!

It’s almost here, I promise ;)

So here is the skinny on the book folks 🙂 : Its been sent to a respectable UK publishing company that deals in occult books. I’m not sure how long the process will be for the final editing, etc. ….but its completed!

“Its amazing how a few months go by since the last time you THOUGHT it was finished.”

I know, I know. It turned out to be much larger than I ever intended but really wanted to make this something the reader could USE and explore this art in depth. Since this is my first book and first attempt at offering full results of my own magical workings, I wanted to make it as complete as possible without dictating a narrow, “my way or the highway” type approach. I explain and show photos of my actual tools and how each were made, and what my results were. I even offer some variety for the reader to consider which is founded in research but I haven’t tried personally (yet). I hope many will be pleased at the surprising similarities to other arts which paints this practices in a broader and richer spectrum.

My friends and fellow authors/ respectable magicians/ and gentlemen who reviewed the MS offered fantastic feedback and assistance. Without a doubt, they helped the MS become what it is. I’m excited and also nervous for how my readers will take the material. Its not written by a scholar as much as a quirky, traditionalist, mage. A project I’ve poured my soul in consistently for quite a while now.
With that, I leave you with a few photos of my work not necessarily included in the book 😉 Just a taste of what treasure awaits the magician who wishes to Draw Spirits into CRYSTALS.

Beginning set up of ritual working space.

Book of Spirits, ebony wand, & Lamen

Altar of the Stars, Holy Table, Crystal in ebony pedestal, Tripod censor, candles

Ever want to make that REAL Book of Spirits?
Whole section on just how I created mine and YES it works QUITE well.
( Image on left cover designed by ASTERION MAGE, a wonderful artist who allowed me to use this fitting design!)

Ebony wood and 24K gold gilt lettering.

Sorry to keep everyone waiting so long….hopefully….it will be all worth it.

I hope to hear from you magicians who meet similar success utilizing this system as I have.