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Website revamp!

I was recently gifted the present of a new website and social media page in trade for some magical workings. What a wonderful gift it was! I now have an organized site that is:

  • The website is linked to a proper facebook page as well as google plus.
  • My blog postings are now searchable by category and have proper SEO links-so you can find everything you need.
  • There is a commission request page where you can submit details for custom magickal supplies.
  • Keep up with my book signings, presentations and podcasts on the new event page!
  • Review older interviews or find out where to purchase one of my books on the published works page!
  • There is still a blog where you can stay up to date with my recent musings
Necromancer by Mani C. Price

Necromancer by Mani C. Price 


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