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On its way!

My Book has taken so much longer than I could have ever anticipated. It is nice to finally see it in the “UPCOMING” section on my publisher’s web page. Visit NEPHILIM PRESS and look around

The book is to be officially titled:

Gateways Through Stone and Circle
“A Manual of Evocation for the Planetary Intelligences”

A magical colleague and friend Inominandum, now has The Book of Abrasax published and for sale. I highly recommend his work. I plan on doing a review as soon as I read through the material.
NEPHILIM looks to have some great magician/ authors up on their sight and I’ve been pleased with how my work and correspondence with them has gone. I’m very excited to learn of others who have begun experimenting with the art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals and are trying to conduct these operations in earnest. It seems a large surge of magicians are collaborating and sharing their experiences. I cannot wait to hear how this work will impact everyone who tried it for themselves!


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