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The planetary Spirit Altar for the Trithemius Table

Altar for Trithemius , planetary intelligence- angelic gate way operations … is beginning to come together. I created this to be the table which will hold my Holy table as well as scrying device for the operations. A 3 ft tripod censor will be placed, circle directly behind with seat to view directly in crystal. As stated, the altar is my design and not mentioned in text but construction will be included in the upcoming booklet.

Altar made of two 12x24in boards, ebony stained with center pillar and side supports. Center pillar done with planetary kamea on one side with planetary symbols on reverse. Side of pillars with planetary angelic symbols and Armadel Olympic spirit sigils.

The top has all three sets of symbol/sigils for all 7 planets painted on boarders. Top has Grand Solomonic Seal as well as two pentagrams for the candle locations. The surface will eventually have altar cloth of corresponding planetary color with matching candles.


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