Hand-bound edition!

Nephilim Press has released the fine, vellum bound edition of
Gateways Through Stone and Circle.

This hand bound, fine edition book is bound in full Imperial Vellum by master bookbinder Joel Radcliff at Ars Obscura Bookbinding in Seattle Washington. This edition is limited to only 20 hand numbered copies at a price of $350 per copy. To purchase your copy please send an email to frank@nephilimpress.com and we will confirm availability and send you an invoice.
Vellum is parchment made from calf skin, as opposed to that from other animals. The term is sometimes used with a more general meaning referring to finer-quality parchments made from a variety of animal skins. It is generally smooth and durable, although there are great variations depending on preparation and the quality of the skin (there will be slight imperfections in the skin left over from the scraping of the hide, this is normal). The manufacture involves the cleaning, bleaching, stretching on a frame, and scraping of the skin with a crescent shaped knife. To create tension, scraping is alternated with wetting and drying.

Place Marker Ribbon

There is also a maroon place marker ribbon inserted in the book. Hand Marbled Endpapers

This edition also has hand marbled maroon and gold end papers with gold flake particles that sparkle brilliantly in the light.

Leather Skiver
A blood red leather skiver is affixed to the spine and stamped with gold foil. The spine itself has raised bands with gold foil outlines.



It’s strange…. Attachments to anything be they people, places, ideals, or circumstances will eventually lead to some measure of pain or “suffering”. The great paradox of humanity being the realization that the only two constants are conflict and change; ironically two concepts human beings seem to have the most difficulty with.

As many of you may have read previously, I am in the process of moving. All basic physical concerns are looking forward to the move and getting to appreciate new appliances with working fixtures and water pressure..

The sentimentality that brings up any measure of discomfort is the memories and workings I’ve had in this place. Some of my biggest magical breakthroughs were in the magical room which is still not completely deconstructed energetically although everything is packed away in boxes. …..

– Although I’ve cleared out the basic wards and perimeter seals, I noticed that the first people coming to look at the house didn’t enter the room but viewed it from the threshold….

The room still carries the same feel and I wonder if the sensations will linger even after we leave.
Intense presences of the mightiest Archangels were fully present within those walls. Beings which I never thought I would interact with on that magnitude arrived in intense display.

… Their imprint always remains to the point where any steno to sleep or linger in that room beyond magical operation were frequented by constant sensations, lights, sounds, whispers, etc. … I truly wonder what new tenants will experience once we have completely vacated….

I look forward to construction my new temple and magical room and continuing my work. I cannot help but appreciate and find affection for the many years of unparalleled experience conducted within a hidden room, in a house next to the woods and creek…

The picture below is an oil pastel I did in High School which I dug up this weekend during the move. Needless to say my interests and preoccupations have remained consistent through the years…

Approximately after eighteen hours strait of moving I could say I was officially a home owner. Friends, family, and students helped transport the collected sum of what was collected after living in the same place for ten years. By 1:45am, there was no energy left to find the location of our toothbrushes, let alone set up the wards and give the new house a proper blessing and spiritual securities. It had also been a while since I was that exhausted, yet spiritual activities would not let me rest even one night…

Nothing was strongly sensed in the new house during the initial inspections. Actually out of the lot my family and I had looked at, this one felt the most calm and inviting. My senses had warned me of presences in one or two of the other seventy some houses we looked at before settling on our new home, but no such alarms were triggered in my new home.

However after that first day of moving in we didn’t get to bed till around 1:45am. Despite the long and exhausting day, neither my wife or I or I could sleep at all that first night…..I’m sure at least of that could be attributed to moving into a new house, etc, etc…but….my senses kept going off, keeping me from falling asleep completely. Around 3 am we began hearing door knobs rattle, indistinguishable noises, the sense that another being was there, etc. My physical check of the house gave me a very clear sense of something there where before nothing was noticed as if it was awakened or disturbed by our moving in. My wife had me close one of the closets because she kept seeing a deep darkness exude from it that immediately made her felt uneasy…….obvious signs something was going on… Although irritating and unsettling, such occurrences where far from foreign to me. Although none of us slept much that first night I figured I could remedy the situation the following day.

The next evening while I was away teaching class, the activity apparently continued. I returned home feeling even more tired than before, with the lack of sleep and mustering the extra energy needed to teach class. My wife immediately reported to me what had occurred while I was away and that I needed to take care of things before doing anything else happened. She stated that as soon as I left she felt unease, obviously remembering the night before and that I hadn’t cleared out anything yet. She kept hearing the odd noises and seeing things out of the corner of her eye. My son was on the couch watching a movie when my wife overheard him arguing with someone apparently changing the movie he was watching by having the game screen go from the movie to the home page and them having the disk tray open with the controller on the opposite end of the room. After that, apparently a couple doors slammed a few times and odd noises were continually heard. My wife was not at all happy since she is now much more sensitive and aware to such things after living with me for a number of years.

After my son was put to bed and despite my exhausted state, I took out my longest held and used implement of aggressive-spirit-negotiation, a broadsword simply called ‘Spirit’ and went to work. All of my other magical equipment and gear is still packed away in chests and boxes and my magical working room will be one of the lasts to be set up. I wasn’t concerned however as I had everything I needed to dispel any agitated presences.

I try not to get into the habit of threatening or banishing all spirits I come across, even those which seem to find me or my family disagreeable. However, any place I live needs to be cleared for comfort and workability regardless, and anything bothering myself or family simply will not do.

The presence was not very subtle and appeared as soon as I had the living room to myself and extended my senses beyond the physical layout. A gray expanse brought forth an angry looking being that was only vaguely human looking. It appeared as some skinny…oddly elongated form with most of its defining features whitewashed away. My intuition told me that the it got “stirred up” or awoke once we moved all the stuff in….. I seriously can’t say if it was a ‘spirit of the house’ or something that just lingered near to there that got drawn in…..regardless…it seemed to have some issue with us being there.
. ….I was drawn into this really deep state by standing in the room and extending my “roots” through the foundation and basically trying to feel out the entire house by extension…This odd being came directly in front of me expressing that it was quite angry that we had moved in, and brought “all this stuff” with us. I responded that this was now my abode and would have no harmful actions toward us, or disturbances that would frighten anyone. When I was unmoved by its responses of dislike, it darted around and became less stable while arguing with my statements of intent. I became a bit stern at this point, sending out my own energy … much of this is to explain since it happened astrally, like the event was happening in a wide, gray, space in the house but felt like I was somewhere else…. anyway aspects of the MP and LBRP…standard CM cleansing rituals were performed in a sense but with other highlights since neither I or the elongated entity seemed to be communicating well…..
When my mind snaps into the purely magical state of working I’m able to see and direct things very clearly. There is no ambiguity to my gestures or intent and my conscious rational takes a heavy backseat to my intuitive workings. I moved through the house, seeing little of the walls, fixtures, and boxes, and instead the colored lights and strands of energy as I pushed through unseen thresholds and stagnated pockets of astral dust. Even trying to write my workings in a cohesive, understandable way becomes

Also some newer sort workings were conducted rather spontaneously if not intuitively. I meditated in the lower center of the house…drawing down positive light in through inhaling, trying to fill my body up. It felt like it was shining through my pores. I’ve practiced this technique often through Reijiho but not to this degree or purpose before. After I literally felt I was filled to capacity with this divine and powerful light, I put my hands on the floor and exhaled sharply seeing the light spread down throughout the entire foundation, and emerge to encapsulate the house and property a shell. I did this three times, each increasing with power and intensity. I took the remaining energy I had and went to all the rooms, doors, etc and drew out my wards and symbols in front of them……

Anyhow…everyone is sleeping well the past two nights since then ….. my only issue has been myself getting ridiculously frustrated trying to do basic house work and instillation of appliances.

Being a wizard in today’s world is paradoxical to say the least . Perhaps it has always been that way to some degree. It can be challenging enough just dealing with the mundane demands of life and change. Perhaps when we are all moved and settled and my room is arranged I can try to descry the identity and purpose of the elongated entity.

Tune in this Thursday evening!

This Thursday I will be on the air with Fra. Thabion Carroll “Poke” Runyon of the OTA during the “Hermetic Hour, 9:00 PM Pacific time.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Frater Thabion earlier last week and enjoyed our conversation. It was interesting speaking with someone I’ve known about for years but never talked to previously.

-Also, If anyone was interested I had an enjoyable interview previously which I failed to post on. It was the first interview I did after the release of my book on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole” with Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell : http://deeper-down-the-rabbit-hole.com/ episode 102. It was fun getting to talk freely and answer questions about my practices and the book.-

Poke Runyon was one of my first exposures to the Goetia and one of the first e visuals of ceremonial magic in action. I credit some of his methods for initiating some of my early scrying experiments and continued interest to experiment with the Goetia myself. In some ways he was an early mentor and figure of respect I looked up to since no one else had stepped up to the plate at that time. Currently, our methods, philosophies, and ideas about ceremonial magic and specifically the Goetia, differ widely but I’ve respect his achievements in the magical community over so many years and also being a pioneer of the occult in many avenues. I hadn’t expected him to read my book and was surprised when he contacted me to tell me he enjoyed it. The very fact that he continues to read and explore the experiences of other magicians that have less than half his years in experience is to me commended.

After our discussion I reflected on how much I enjoyed discussing differences and similarities between us and how I am also continually learning from those who have their own take on magical experiences.

He writes on “Gateways Through Stone and Circle”:

On Thursday July 11th the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will review the new book “Gateways Through Stone and Circle” by Frater Ashen Chassan. We will have the author as a featured call-in guest. This book is, in our opinion, the best practical “how to do it” book on traditional Western ceremonial magick in the past 16 years. It is also one of the best “why to do it” books also. This is a magical book by a real magician who has studied, lived and mastered the Art. After working his way through the Lemegeton’s Goetia and Almadel, he decided to concentrate on Trithemius’ “Book of Secret Things” or “The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals” from Barrett’s “Magus” and make this system of Angelic crystal conjuration his special forte. He built his own equipment — graphically detailed in the book — and described all the technical details, rituals and techniques necessary to replicate his experiments. The text is beautifully written in a mature, sophisticated and very readable style. So, tune in Thursday and visit with the Magus from “The Magus.”

His praise for my very first publication was beyond what I feel is deserved but I was very flattered. Hopefully the interview will be stimulating and enjoyable for all! So tune in to the Hermetic Hour.

A mage’s musings

A quick skim through Youtube reminds me that video recording a sincere magical ritual and posting it online is a very bad idea. Not so much for fear of encouraging countless idiotic comments and arguments from the people who have nothing better to do but argue online, or having a foolish person attempt a sincerely dangerous ritual, it’s definitely not for worry of appearing foolish to a wide public audience …but more so for the poor judgment it would be to post anything worth of value or sacredness for public amusement. The very thought of events that would befall such an action made me sick to my stomach when I simply entertained the idea. Although arcane knowledge can be apprehended when it is sought with a disciplined and mature mind, the whole of occult working should be strictly kept concealed from public view (Thus keeping it occult).

People want to be entertained and empowered by promising effects without doing any of the work (a Paramount disposition in the West). All wish to be convinced to try something or believe in something which they have no comprehension of. It’s a good thing the vast majority of attempted conjurations fail since we would have a lot more broken minds as a result.

I usually cannot make it through an entire viewing of one of the countless teenage presentations of ill-informed summoning attempts. Ninety percent are made by fools feigning to be authentic or even knowledgeable about what they are attempting. Everything from the classic Goetia spirits, Satan himself, or beings fashioned from urban legend and fantasy are attempted to be manifested by every sort of dabbler out there. My only pleasure in viewing these complete wastes of time is hearing their disappointment and frustration when the area remains just as still and calm as when they began their “magical-documentary”. Worst are the ones using TV “ghost hunting” tactics and equipment that try to make something from an obvious nothing.

Fortunately, those who have no aptitude for perceiving spiritual phenomena in the first place and no developed framework/blue print to draw from will undoubtedly fail in their attempts to interact with such forces.
(No, reading a ritual from a book a few times and trying out what it says is not what I’m referring to)
Further attempts to contact the spiritual realm will most likely prevent them from encountering anything in the future due to frustration, enforced lack of belief, and an increasing lack of conviction. These people are not magicians.

The curious side of me at one time wondered what apparitions, events, or noises would be captured if I ever video record the entirety of some of my summoning rituals. It would be interesting to be able to see myself at work from an outside perspective, and see if the events captured by camera were the same ones I witnessed with my own senses. However, I loathe the idea of those mentioned above witnessing what I consider some of the most intensely personal and powerful events in my life experience (whether spectacular phenomena was captured or not). The sincere part of me is sickened by the very thought of profane, vulgar, and ultimately idiotic naysayers being audience to one of the rarest and most sacred experiences known to humanity. Personally sacred to me as well, which in all honestly holds more weight. Important points for being highly selective of those you allow to share in magical operations.

There is something ridiculous about the notion of filming a spiritual event/experience no matter how much the entertainment, proof, or fame appeal is. There are many of us, myself included, who enjoy the thrill of possibly seeing a paranormal or spiritual event captured on film. It’s enticing to be able to “share” in extraordinary events from an objective standpoint. Upon further contemplation, I wondered what would appear on camera if someone going through true enlightenment were filmed. Would there be any sights, sounds, or feelings that an onlooker could perceive who had no reference for the experience? Would it even matter if there were? What would be the motivation for trying to convince people who did not believe or had no prior experience with such matters?

I entertained such questions as the above during the earlier times in my magical experiences. I was isolated by the events I had witnessed and greatly wanted others to share in what I was going through. My teenage years brought about many lessons where I attempted to introduce others to the world of magical reality…
Some succeeded where others failed.

I am not sure if others have had similar experiences but I introduced the magical and spiritual world to a few who were obviously not ready for such events in their lives. If someone’s paradigm is not suited to existence of a spiritual world which is dissimilar to the physically tangible and controlled world they are used to, they may have difficulty accepting any manifestations which appear before their eyes.
If some of you are looking for veritable “solid” auditory and visual proof that such and such exists and can be witnessed and recorded in indisputable ways, I am sorry to state that you are not only thinking wishfully, but impractically as well. You’re trying to cram one world (or concept of the “world”) into another world, which was designed specifically different from one another.

Let’s consider a few other points: Human beings as a statistical fact, are very poor observers and worse at recalling events exactly as they happened. One of the main reasons Hypnosis regression recall is seldom used in courts is because it is not an objective account of what transpired but a limited perception that is cataloged within the workings of a human brain. Our brains absorb information through a multitude of different filters which places a heavy slant on holistic comprehension. This fact multiplies many fold when nonphysical elements are included.

Even with various instruments, video, and audio recording, the human brain is still the final perceive and interpreter of the data. Certain spiritual elements might even be captured on video tape, but unless the one watching it has the ability to perceive and comprehend what they are looking at, the occurrences may still go unnoticed.

As I’ve previously written about, in order to behold certain occurrences, there has to be a suitable unconscious frame work or blueprint in which to perceive it with any amount of comprehension. If none exists, then the occurrence will go by unnoticed (invisible/unperceived) or else just case a slight disturbance which will be brushed aside by the conscious mind as unremarkable. Other times, these same people are shocked by occurrences that frighten and confuse them but give no other framework for understanding.
It’s really not a difficult a concept. Through simple hypnotic suggestion, I can make myself seem invisible to the subject, where they simply cannot focus or perceive I am there because their mind tells them not too. If there is a deeply ingrained structure or “suggestion” that states certain beings do not and cannot exist, its going to be very difficult for the conscious mind to be able to see “that which does not exist”. Introducing the presence of spirits or nonphysical beings to an adult (early teenage and older) mind, that had no previous framework or reference for is practically useless and sometimes harmful. By that time the mind has already constructed a fairly substantial grid of what occurrences are acceptable and included and which are not.

In normal circumstances, perceptions of reality are a sounding board against fellow observers (other human beings within the same social structure) who share at least similar concepts of acceptable reality. Anything outside this spectrum is either discarded by the rational mind or causes a disturbance in which “fear” is typically the reaction, as the mind searches for ways to interpret the foreign information/stimuli and fit it into a known frame of reference from which to attempt understanding.

(Also, research the hypothesis of the “quantum field” when dealing with human conceivability.)

Interesting side effects can occur when people undergo something their minds are not ready for. The results may actually have more to do with the witness’ psychology than anything external. When people are not able to accept or process the information they are witnessing a few amusing (and at other times disturbing) reactions can occur.

Some instantly divert their attention and eyes away from whatever it was I was trying to have them see, becoming nervous and seriously uncomfortable. The body makes odd sorts of shivers, and nerves twitching motions as if attempting to divert all sensory perceptions toward something physical and familiar. Even people who seem to be quite lucid and aware of being in the midst of something extraordinary may later seem to forget or totally dismiss what they experienced since the mind has no place to put the information in a rational, systematic place of familiarity.
Occult power and knowledge is occult {hidden} for a reason, and not due to the powerful and gifted magicians wishing to keep it that way. Many people are not meant to explore the realms of the unknown for a variety of reasons. Exposure to such events or entities, even accidentally can cause mental and emotional disturbance in ways not immediately apparent.
True Magic gives “power to the participant” were new constructs, concepts, worlds, and beings become perceivable and even acceptable over time. Magical ritual creates a systematic blueprint and/or foundation upon which we can build a framework for encountering and experiencing all sorts of spiritual phenomena. Psychedelic drugs or chemicals can bypass the conscious mind’s insistent control over permissible perceptions of reality but will typically not allow useful information and experience to be comprehended once returning to familiar states of consciousness. This is not Magic.
Magic requires the successful mediation between the seen and unseen worlds to whatever capacity the magician is able to fathom. Ritual and disciplined preparation create a road map for which the adventuring mind can observe foreign archetypes and circumstance without completely losing the construct of acceptable reality. Ritual creates a separate space, if you will, for the seemingly “impossible” to occur. Ceremonial alteration in mind and atmosphere allow the learning of new ideas and concepts to be assimilated without a paradoxical conflict of differing realities. In lingering between the worlds, the mind will either shut out what I cannot process or become dangerously unbalanced resulting in skewed mental/emotional functioning and perceptions of reality not acceptable to their fellow sounding boards.

I’m convinced that this process cannot be forced artificially, even with discipline. It also cannot be attempted just by “reasoning it out” even by the most gifted of minds. The parts of the brain which control the perceptions and interactions with the ‘unseen’ worlds are not the rational consciousness. Likewise, there is definitely an ‘exterior moderator’ which seems to allow certain individuals to experience these events and others not to. I still do not understand exactly what factors decide what allows a person to experience the dynamic magical, and what completely conceals it from another. It seems to ring true however, that “A magician is brought forth from his mother’s womb…. all others who assume the function are unhappy.”
The argument for particular magical experiences being “in the mind” therefor is a misconception. The mind is the medium the magician explores the magical world through his or her frame of reference. The Spirits, ghosts, demons, Fae, and angels are there regardless, but extend past what the imagination can hope to capture them in.

A journey for Water

As many may have heard from watching the news, my home state has been on FIRE. Some of the worst areas where not even ten miles away from where I live. Unfortunately, with the insane amount of other responsibilities, I haven’t had time to climb to the top of a mountain with my “wizard’s staff” in hand, calling in thunderstorms like I use to in previous years. However, last week as the fire worsened past the scope of the previous year’s fire, I felt it would be irresponsible not to do something.

Last Thursday night, my scryer and I (a longtime friend and amazing seer and adept in the Celtic/Druidc path) decided to do another “Astral Elemental Plane Journey” as well as celestial journey to the Jupiter/Tzadkiel realm as well… The appropriate Elemental realm seemed to be the plane of WATER.

(To read about the previous experiment of the FIRE realm)

…I began setting up my ritual room as soon as I got home from work and arranged a water alter in the west, containing all of my corresponding tools, my personal ‘water chalice’ implement and a large poster board size Apas Water Tattwa. I also had an oil diffuser with “water corresponding scents” which seem to help.

I also had a printed map of my city and surrounding areas, a large silver bowl in front filled with water, another sealed container filled with rain water I collected from last year and various sea shells, and other “water corresponding” items. My friend and scryer arrived and we began the ritual in the Hour of the Moon.

-I can hear fellow traditionalists scoffing at my “New Age” approach to using Tattwa cards, parts from Opening by Watchtower, etc. However, the methods have been extremely effective and successful for this particular working, not only for me but for my scryer as well. Thus, I use them (and will continue to use them) without hesitation since I am very much enjoying the experiences. There is no lack of power and result each time I have performed this operation.-

As with the previous fire realm journey, I had my (now designated scryer) relax into a chair in the center of one of my canvas circles designed for these types of experiments. He performed his own breathing and deepening techniques to enter into a trance state while he gazed at a smaller version of the Apas Tattwa card. I performed a version of Opening by Watchtower, with intention of opening the door to the Water Astral Plane only using my consecrated Water chalice while my scryer focused on the card.

After the opening rituals, I circulated the circle clockwise to the west and picked up my consecrated Water Chalice. I then faced the Elemental Tablet of Water and alter and sprinkled droplets of consecrated water from the chalice before it three times. I then raised my chalice above my head, and walked clockwise around the circle saying,”

“So therefore first, the priest who governeth the works of Fire must sprinkle with the lustral water of the loud resounding sea!”

When I return to the west, I again sprinkle the front of the Water alter in front of the

tablet. Then, with the chalice I trace a large, blue Invoking Pentagram of Water,



The water sigil is then traced in the center. I present my chalice to the center of this pentagram

And say,


And finish with,

” In the names and letters of the Great Western Quadrangle, I invoke ye, ye angels of the Watchtower of the West.”
I love this ritual since the atmosphere in the room instantly changes to one harmonious with the element invoked. “New Age” complainers can kiss my robe here since the ritual opens a door to the astral as sure as magic exists.

I used methods of hypnotic induction directly after to help my scryer deepen the trance and then instructed him close his eyes to see the water symbol clearly with the natural phenomena which occurs from staring at the shape and color over time.

(Hypnotic induction to deep Theta level, with “astral projection formula” and direction to begin to move through Apas Tattwa as a doorway to the other side.)

As before I used the method to assist others with astral projection and clearly have them see themselves traveling through the symbol as if it were a door way.

{The wonderful reality behind this type of ritual is that I never suggest anything about what my scryer should see or who they might encounter. I simply chant Levi’s “Prayer of the Undines” from “THE CONJURATION OF THE FOUR ELEMENTS” and allow him to experience everything sincerely}

“Terrible King of the sea! Thou who holdest the keys of the floodgates of heaven, and who enclosest the subterranean waters in the hollow places of earth! King of the Deluge and the rains of the springtime! Thou who openest the sources of streams and fountains! Thou who commandest the moisture, which is like the blood of earth, to become the sap of plants! We adore and invoke thee! Speak to us, ye moving and changeable creatures! Speak to us in the great commotions of the sea, and we shall tremble before thee. Speak to us also in the murmur of limpid waters, and we shall desire thy love! O immensity in which all the rivers of being lose themselves, which ever spring up anew in us! O Ocean of Infinite perfections! Height which beholdeth thee in the depth! Depth which breathes thee forth in the height! Bring us to the true life through intelligence and love! Lead us to immortality through sacrifice, in order that one day we may be found worthy to offer thee water, blood, tears, for the remission of sins. Amen.”
After I completed the prayer and directions for my scryer to project completely through the Water portal, I followed with other prayers and invocations:

“Elohim Tzabaoth, Gabriel, Taliahad” x3
0 Thou, Who art from everlasting, Thou Who hast created all things, and doth clothe thyself with the Forces of Nature as with a garment, by Thy Holy and Divine Name EL whereby Thou art known in that quarter we name MEARAB, I beseech thee to grant unto me strength and insight for my search after the Hidden Light and Wisdom.
I entreat Thee to cause Thy Wonderful Archangel GABRIEL who governeth the works of Water to guide us in the pathway; and furthermore to direct thine Angel TALIAHAD to watch over our footsteps therein.
May the ruler of Water, the powerful Prince THARSIS by the gracious permission of the Infinite Supreme, increase and strengthen the hidden forces and occult virtues of my chalice so that I may be enabled with it to perform aright those magical operations for which it has been fashioned. For which purpose I perform this mystic rite of Consecration in the Divine Presence of EL.
In the Three Great Secret Holy Names of God borne upon the Banners of the West EMPEH ARSEL GAIOL I summon Thee, Thou Great King of the West RA AGIOSEL to attend upon this ceremony and by Thy presence increase its effect, whereby I do now re-consecrate this Magical Cup. Confer upon it the utmost occult might and virtue of which Thou mayest judge it to be capable in all works of the nature of Water, so that in it I may find a strong defense and a powerful implement with which to rule and direct the Spirits of the Elements.
Ye Mighty Princes of the Western Quadrangle, I invoke you who are known to me by the honorable title, and position of rank, of seniors. Hear my petition, and be this day present with me. Bestow upon this Cup the strength and purity whereof ye are Masters in the Elemental Forces which ye control; that its outward and material form may remain a true symbol of the inward and spiritual force.
0 Thou Powerful Angel HNLRX Thou who are Lord and Ruler over the Fiery Waters, I beseech thee to endue this Cup with the Magic Powers of which thou art Lord, that I may with its aid direct the spirits who serve thee in purity and singleness of aim to hasten the arrival of forceful waters to parched land.
0 Thou Powerful Angel HTDIM Thou who are Lord and Ruler over the pure and fluid Element of Water, I beseechthee to endue this Cup with the Magic Powers of which thou art Lord, that I may with its aid direct the spirits who serve thee in purity and singleness of aim to bring copious and continual water to heal this land.
0 Thou Powerful Angel HTAAD, Thou who are Lord and Ruler of the Etheric and Airy qualities of Water, I beseech thee to endue this Cup with the Magic Powers of which thou art Lord, that I may with its aid direct the spirits who serve thee in purity and singleness of aim to move large clouds to deposit healing waters to this land.
0 Thou Powerful Angel HMAGL, Thou who are Lord and Ruler of the more dense and solid qualities of Water, I beseech thee to endue this Cup with the Magic Powers of which thou art Lord, that I may with its aid direct the spirits who serve thee in purity and singleness of aim to bring showers of healing waters to my land and area here presented.

My astral senses opened further and began to experience my own sensations of the water realm in lighter context while keeping an active hold on the flow of the ritual. The area beyond the circle appeared to ebb and flow with a cool sense enveloping the ritual chamber. My consecrated and empowered water chalice glowed and seemed to pulse in my hands. My scryer was moving, his expressions tensing and relaxing, obviously having an intense experience as I conducted the rituals to hopefully bring rains back and quench the fires.
” O Spirits of the watery realms, Thy who brings forth life in abundance, O Undines, O Great Elemental Beings of the oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, lakes, streams, pools, fountains, and all other abysses of water, O Spirits of the blood of life, O unstable ones who constantly move, Whose grace flows upon all things, O Sustainers, O Spirits who speak in movements, flowing within the emotions of life, O Regenerating ones, who washes away all impurities, Who haste brought forth the floods of the Heavens, O Healing Suave, O Giver of the Gift of Life, Thy whose depths reflects thy heights, Thy whose sacrifice brings forth life, O Spirits of water, O Spirits of the west, we call Thee forth, Rain upon us, and come as the four rivers that flow forth from Eden, bringing unto us the seeds from the Tree of Life, come forth, come forth, we invoke Thee, come in Thy Gentle Guise, O come Magnificent ones. Amen.”

” O King of the Divided waters, O Lord of the Four rivers of Eden, O Emperor of the four rivers of the Infernal Realms, O Regenerating King of Life, care holder of the Elixir of Immortality, Bestower of Gifts, Granter of Blessing, Lord of Beauty, O Lord of the Vengeful waters of the flood, O Great King of the Sea, come as the rain, and water our circle with the Heavenly Dew of Wisdom, Grace us with your presence, Bless us with Your Beauty, O Nichsa come forth from Thy depths and grace us with Thy conversation. Amen.”
On my altar was a map of my city which was printed with several angelic sigils associated with the element of water, plus other water corresponding symbols drawn on the reverse side. At the height of the invocations to the angels of water, the king, ruler and associated archangel, I asked that rains come to wash the burning flames and restore the hearts of those involved. I unsealed the rainwater gathered from last year and poured it into my consecrated chalice.


After I brought my scryer back from the Water Elemental plane, I had him ascend to a celestial realm of Sachiel/Zadkiel/Jupiter as soon as the Jupiter hour felt to be upon us.
This astral experience began high up into the heavens and darkness of space, surrounded by the stars of haven. I directed him to move toward the spiritual light of Jupiter and eventual envision a royal blue door, with gold trim, having symbols and sigils of Jupiter.

“Oh, salutary and benevolent Zadkiel who are covered with honors and who are pleased to distribute wealth and bounty with a liberal hand, open your abode to us by the prayer I am making to you at this hour through your well-loved and favorite Maaguth, Gutriz, Sachiel, Suth and give my venture a happy outcome so that we may render glory onto you!”

<Secret Invocation learned through the Jovial Angel himself chanted>

When I directed my scryer through this door, he was to meet the embodiment of the Archangel Tzadkiel as expressed through the Archetype of Jupiter/Zeus, etc. I again, let this experience unfold without direction till I felt it was time to end the experiment which just happened to be near the end of the Jupiter hour when all was said and done.

I recited a final prayer and also asked the powers of Tzadkiel to bring rain storms as I poured the rain water over the map and then submerged it in the silver bucket of water.
Rain followed and actually showered the exact spot of the fire the following day……rains of increasing strength have showered each consecutive day after.


The experience was incredible and my scryer talked for over 35 minutes after coming out of his vision trance, accounting everything he and I had experienced. My excitement of his relation was that he described the beings he witnessed with such detail and sincerity which happened to match perfectly to what I myself had witnessed. Also, he is not well versed or knowledgeable about spirits and archetypes in western ceremonial magic, so it was fascinating to hear such correlation to somewhere who did not have built up images or expectations.
Luckily, I recorded the entire account on my iPhone and hopefully will be able to transfer it to the laptop and edit it to one smooth file so others may here. It wouldn’t let me send it to email or any other way as it was. His account was absolutely incredible to say the least and would love for you to hear it if you are at all interested. It will be interesting to see the full outcome for the ritual and petition to encourage rain in the area as well.
I meant to post this a day or so after last Thursday but it has taken me a while to edit the audio file of my scyer’s experience. I plan to put it to music and images so I can display it as a video on the blog…Hopefully I’ll have that up on the post soon!

Gateways Through the Stone and Circle


And this time I really mean:


< Finally >

I haven’t bothered to look back through each of my postings to see just how MANY I’ve made concerning the release of my book.
(I don’t want to look) It feels like ….well too many.

I don’t think anyone was more eager than I to actually see it come into physical being. Quite a few of you have eagerly been awaiting its release as well and apologize for the many, MANY delays. Hopefully there are none who have been standing by to begin their experiments into DSIC until its release.

Regardless I am very excited and pleased to present to you the standard edition of Gateways Through Stone and Circle

which can be ordered here:


-Fine leather bound editions to be released sometime next month.-

Besides announcing its long awaited release, I also wish to acknowledge individuals who really brought this work from its early stages to the finalized form seen on Nephilim Press’ website.
Besides the exciting journey to becoming a first time published author, the creation of the book was an experience of connecting and acknowledging other acclaimed and/or published magicians who deeply inspired me in the creation of the book. Most are well known adepts, authors and teachers in the magical community.

Mentioned in the actual texts are members of the Gentlemen for Jupiter which spearheaded my interest to explore this particular text of “DRAWING SPIRITS INTO CRYSTALS”

Frater Rufus Opus http://headforred.blogspot.com/ is to be acknowledged foremost for his inspirational Planetary Gateway series and open sharing of his experiences and workings. He is a well-respected magus and introduced me to the other founders of G4J

Magus Aaron Leitch’s works, personal feedback, and fine example he and his wife demonstrate as ‘Magus-scryer’. http://aaronleitch.wordpress.com/
Many other scholar-magicians assisted with the book’s developments that are not directly named in the text:

Huge thank yous go out to Mr. David Rankine http://occultofpersonality.net/david-rankine/, Stephen Skinner and Mr. StrattonKent for their encouragement over email and feedback to improve and expound on the MS’s early stages.
David especially was very generous with his time and continued advice for getting my work published.

Adept Michael Cecchetelli http://thelionsdens.blogspot.com/ was paramount in Gateway’s publication. His support of my work and communication to Nephilim Press made this book possible. It was an unexpected blessing to receive such brotherly assistance from such a successful author.
To Asterion Mage http://solomonicmagic.blogspot.com/ , an enormous amount of gratitude goes out to him for his phenomenal job as illustrator. I have always admired his inspiring artwork and dedication to exploring Solomonic Magic with scholarly precision, so getting to work with him on this project was a sincere pleasure. I was able to share my visions with him and have him duplicate it with knowing skill which made the work come alive.

I am continually grateful for my longtime friend and talented scryer Mr. “Strider” Willman for his review of my book and obvious contributions to the continuing experiments.

I am proud to recognize my singular student in this art, Mr. H. M. with his masterful feedback, and dedication to conducting the traditional experiments with precision and exquisite detail. He is the exemplary magus and student of the occult. His experiences and development using the content of the book has given me faith in its ability to empower others to experience similar wonders.

Many other friends in the magical community assisted with its review and editing and I am grateful for all of their work and attention!

Finally and most importantly, for the actually publication goes a huge thanks to Frank for not only taking a chance on my first MS but giving overwhelming support and encouragement for it. His treatment, communication and professionalism were second to none. During the tiresome finalization of the book Nephilim Press continued to offer assistance in getting it completed.

I truly hope serious magicians enjoy and benefit from its use. I also look forward to hearing about personal experiences from many of you!

Reflections of the Great Archangels

As My Book GATEWAYS THROUGH STONE AND CIRCLE approaches its final stages being put into physical hard backs for readers to enjoy I reflect on the true magnificence of the subject matter. The work is ongoing for me, the experiences always new, humbling and fresh. My day today existence within the overwhelming uncertainty of the world causes me to marvel at the reality of their existence.

The Planetary Archangels exists as a veritable phenomenon beyond their attributed archetypes as transferred through the Greek and Babylonian concept of celestial humanoids. My continued experience with them has me often musing over the associated mythology and attributed persona. I wonder: How much of their appearance and interaction would be the same had I known nothing of their fabled attributes? The angel’s systematic attachment to the luminous bodies of the galaxy are all but ludicrous to most astronomers and astrophysicists. Yet there is a dynamic connectivity and influence between humanity and all movements of creation whether terrestrial or celestial if one truly observes. The precise nature and machinations of these subtle energies have not been comprehended entirely and are inevitably colored by the cultural. social, and archetypical framework which the perceiver functions within. Their subtlety is only apparent to the loosely sensitive or learned to the laws of hidden workings. Beyond inaccurately attributing a set personality and image to a nonphysical being, the wise men of our heritage have brought immeasurable forces of our universe in to close, intimate contact.
The above concepts are never lost on me in the moments leading up to angelic evocation, nor after the incredible encounter has subsided into reflection. However the encounter, no matter how incredible, is always profound and moving to my very core. There is no question or logical conflict of possibilities and interpretive experience while in the midst of magical experience. -The being appears, speaks; the measure of reality is capsized by the few moments of exchange which goes far beyond the bare words and gestures. There is no perfect explanation of ‘how’ this actually occurs. The fact that a culmination of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual elements are involved is undeniable. There is also a certainty that much more is occurring than even the beholding of a normally invisible presence. Somehow, I am reconnecting to the immeasurable forces of totality and instead of trying to observe them accurately and subjectively, I am an active participant, functioning perfectly in harmony with all that ever was
To stand in a sacred vestment of intentional design; to move with precision of powerful gestures and speak words that resound with the passion of creation, to feel the hum of patterns of energy that extend from the depths of mind, mouth, and magical intention. To feel implements in hand which were created with patience and purpose, come alive with the light of the nebulous strands that bond the material to the ethereal. To see and inhale the incense tendrils which course through the once empty space that is now becoming the very gateway to hidden worlds. -To sense my being slip from the practiced routine of ritual into the divine light of active creation in connectivity and come face to face with a presence that my conscious mind will continue to argue CANNOT exist, even after countless experiences –is the sacred treasure of the ceremonial magician. A gem of a experiential breakthrough that releases the lead weights of physical depression caused by illusion. A pure ecstasy of experience which has no other substitution. No other endeavor would propel me to take on such GREAT WORK beyond the absorbing labor of my day to day life.
There is only a fear imagined which would be a separation from the continued involvement in the world of hidden voices and illumined faces. That I may share this with others or encourage them to experience their own breakthrough is a joyful prospect of simply repaying a morsel of the blessings I’ve received.

To ban or not to ban?

“Too Much Banishing”

This was interesting topic which was brought up in Aaron Leitche’s Solomonic Group http://aaronleitch.wordpress.com/, and one we hadn’t touched on for a while.

“Banishing” became a staple of western ceremonial magic with the majority of practitioners at the time coming out of one of the main magical lodges associated or branched off from the Golden Dawn. Even witchcraft’s “creating sacred space” is a heavily influenced concept from these same lodges.

Interestingly enough the more you get into historic forms of traditional magic there is very little “banishing” done, especially as a routine -after and before- procedure. A traditionalist mage myself many might find it ironic that I am not altogether against this
theory and practice established and encouraged by the Golden Dawn. Perhaps it’s because I underwent the suggested daily and nightly practices myself and acknowledge that undertaking as a building block of my own ceremonial practices. The ritualized gestures, divine names and concepts still hold enough potent meaning for me to be useful. However, you won’t find me using them before, during, or after a spirit evocation which would seem odd to many CM’s I’m sure. My tolerance for ritual “banishing” may also be influenced by the fact that Western Ritual Magicians were commonly priests and clergymen if not highly religious individuals who worked with spirits on very strict standards and never formed “buddy-buddy relationships or treaties with them. Evocation was a serious experiment and done with caution and the authority of God.

The Solomonic forum mentions various arguments against banishing and some that make excellent points. I agree with the ones I read which stated many magicians prematurely severed developing spirit relations with an over use of “banishing” internalized rituals once the uneasy sense of a spirit was actually recognized. Persons unfamiliar with such phenomena naturally experience the “unnaturalness” or at least unfamiliar sensations that go along with a veritable encounter and may all too swiftly determine them as “bad” or “negative”.
(This magician suspects that a vast majority of aspiring mages expect the sensational safety of a Disney ride when working with spirits)

The truth of the matter is I still practice the LBRP and LBRH fairly frequently but have realized their benefits are for different reasons than what is typically attributed to them. When I conduct these particular rituals, (at least with the Kabalistic Cross) any “banishing” that occurs is more so within my own being than directed toward any “nasty influencing spirits” which may exist outside of myself. Early on, the practice became an energetic centering and reintegration within the sacred sphere of divine action. They are typically coupled with the MP exercise as well as other forms of prayer and meditation congruent to the energies of the aforementioned rituals.

Granted, any spiritual intelligences which would find the gestures, tools, and names of the aforementioned rituals unappealing may very well vacate the area, but it has not disturbed the familiar working presences within my own abode. A mage’s intentions while conducting these rites may have some influence on “external reactions” as well. For myself, a silence and clarity typically expands in my head afterwards which makes communication and interaction with spirits easier. Again, it seems to be a practice centered within my own consciousness and sense of perception rather than forceful clearing of an area. My apprehension of the drawn pentagrams in space are not necessarily for the removal of astral influences from the plane of earth but rather the severing of disjointed mental/astral distractions brought on by my own mind from the physical axis of my foundation.

When I wish to severely banish or rid a spirit of a person, place, or thing which is a very rare case (three times to the degree I am writing about in my magical career) I will use methods of no subtle means. It typically involves the strongest incantations I can muster with additional salt, iron, lead, brass, curses, washes, burning, and censing. Refer to the Greater Curse or spirits chain of the Goetia for extreme case examples. My reasons for these harsh methods are only brought about by circumstances where I feel a real danger or threat. I will only resort to such action when I am unable to nullify substantially harmful spiritual threats by any other means. Let me be clear in stating that I am not of the school of thought which forms buddy-buddy relationships with goetic spirits or beings of questionable influence but am similarly not hostel toward them or assume them to be creatures of inexhaustible ill intention. Indeed the full spectrum of spiritual beings has its rightful place and purpose quite beyond my own comprehension.

In cases where human and spirit simply cannot coexist harmoniously within a certain area, I will usually try to find a suitable destination that the spirit will eventually and hopefully find more agreeable. I have run up against some stubborn cases before but have not resorted to threats or punishments. Perhaps ironically, this was due mostly to the assistance of other spiritual beings who understood the situation far better than my perceptions allowed.
In my ongoing development of networking with spirits and fellow magicians alike, I am continually reminded of how much of a diplomat and ambassador I’m turning out to be. Not necessarily a great one in either respect but how the training and lessons seem to fall along those professional lines. Proper, communication and exchange between foreign parties of dissimilar background is a continual effort of refinement. The perks make the efforts worthwhile and the drawbacks are undeniably frustrating. A magician cannot hope to gain report with any manner of spirit if they are so quick to dismiss and command them at leisure. However they will quickly lose defining meaning of exchange if a spiritual or tradition based “road map” is not integrated within their manner of communication. Cultures, beliefs, and philosophies differ on the methods of spirit diplomacy and interaction. Those who seem the least effective in either are the ones with no sense of structure or connection or try to pick and choose on a whim.
Thoughts arise as to the nature of the transference of energy from place to place as a magician moves his residence to another area to another house, and possibly a vastly differently climate and geography. Since I feel I’m arriving at that point soon myself (although the climate will doubtfully be noticeable), I wonder at the about the subtle and dynamic spiritual encounters which were encouraged by the genius loci of my current residence. What will come with me and what will be left behind? How many spiritual beings were drawn to my workings and have more or less taken up permanent residence there? How much of a clearing I should do if any, as a responsible magician so as not to (possibly) frighten the next set of people who move in after my family and I have moved out?

This will not have been my first move while seriously conducting such practices, but it will be a move after my most recent and intense experiments I’ve ever experienced thus far. Tactically present relationships have been formed and ongoing for some time. Although most are by no means bound to one space or location, I‘m certain a number of them are. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a set chamber for conducting nothing else but magical workings. The room itself has a VERY distinct atmosphere and presence which never seems to lessen. Some very intense experiences, very potent items and books, are all kept there under ward. I’ve often wondered if something will linger (and to what degree) and how long after or quickly it will fade if I don’t personally do anything to remove what was built up in that space?? Despite some issues of abandonment or some sense of dislocation from spirits who may find the change of residence not to their liking, I will most likely assure the space is “deactivated” to the best of my ability despite any linger curiosity. However the very thought stirs something unease within me after the years of discovery.

A smile crossed my face as I recalled how my wife was looking at every single house as needing a magical room space adequate enough for my workings. I was amazed and complimented her thoughtful understanding on this but she considered it as a matter of course, just as important as a house needing a living room for instance. Much of my magical life is still concealed from my visible, public life so it’s easier to reflect on the pleasant humor of such striking differences a magical house hold has.

Magic is everywhere. Some places seem more active than others, and the true sense of power resides within the soul-mind of the magician and his/her connection to divinity. However, any magician of practiced years will acknowledge the presence of potency within objects and places continually used for arcane endeavors.

Ritual magic is a symbiotic weaving of interconnecting energies and intelligent patterns which extend beyond the conscious apprehension of the initiating mage. Any act in magical intention sends information frequencies along countless subtle lines of creation. Fledgling magicians who think their imaginings and actions through rituals began and end inside their own mind, are fooled by their own thoughts.

All relationships, subtle or profound should be acknowledged and given conscious appreciation if not notice when circumstances are altered. Magicians excel with their sensitivity to the subtly of the unseen world, not a distracted indifference to it.

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“Gateways Through Stone and Circle” is a compendium of personal experiences and research from a traditional ceremonial magician working through a classical book of magic. This volume is a complete and in-depth study in the “Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals” as found in Francis Barrett’s, The Magus, and accredited to Trithemius of Spanheim. Detailed research, personal experimentation, and evoking each of the seven planetary archangels and intelligences to visible and auditory presence are presented within. You will find descriptions of the seven planetary archangels as witnessed by the author, instructions for building each of the traditional implements and furniture to the specifications of the grimoire, as well as detailed illustrations of the author’s actual equipment. Items such as the infamous Book of Spirits or Liber Spirituum are explained in detail so the reader will know how to make and use one. Chapters also describe methods for improving scrying abilities, working with a partner, and conducting the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Everything to make this art work is explained in incredibly vivid detail.

The purpose for this book is to present a workable manual wherein the aspiring magus can replicate a valuable system of magic to achieve successful and reliable discourse with some of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. “No other book has unveiled how to perform this experiment successfully within the traditional manner.” This work is not a theoretical analysis of a historic manuscript from an academic scholar, nor is it based on presumption and guess work. It is a modern day grimoire from a traditional grimorist. It is drawn from one who has been studying and practicing Western occult magic for nearly two decades and has recreated the procedures that achieve results. The methods contained within are constructed as closely to the original text as possible and filled with suggestions and points to assist the beginning magician as well as the advanced practitioner.

The author decided to add more material to the book after his test audience made some suggestions. The book is scheduled to be released at the end of April of this year.

Book by Frater Ashen F.:N.:F.:

From what I’ve been told by my publisher there will be two or three different editions available:

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