On its way!

My Book has taken so much longer than I could have ever anticipated. It is nice to finally see it in the “UPCOMING” section on my publisher’s web page. Visit NEPHILIM PRESS and look around

The book is to be officially titled:

Gateways Through Stone and Circle
“A Manual of Evocation for the Planetary Intelligences”

A magical colleague and friend Inominandum, now has The Book of Abrasax published and for sale. I highly recommend his work. I plan on doing a review as soon as I read through the material.
NEPHILIM looks to have some great magician/ authors up on their sight and I’ve been pleased with how my work and correspondence with them has gone. I’m very excited to learn of others who have begun experimenting with the art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals and are trying to conduct these operations in earnest. It seems a large surge of magicians are collaborating and sharing their experiences. I cannot wait to hear how this work will impact everyone who tried it for themselves!


Finally….My Book!!

I was hesitant to write this post but now feel confident that my DSIC book will FINALLY be a go after much waiting, and disheartening past moments from other publishers. I’m excited to finally get this thing moving once again! I know it seems as if I’ve made this post before but hopefully this will be the last time. I do not have a DATE FOR RELEASE of the book yet, but I do have confirmation of a contract and a very supportive publishing company who is behind me and thinks this book will be a tremendous success!

I’ve been continuing with my work and working with a promising student who is deciding to try this experiment and work it as I have given it as well. Even with the book’s progression toward print, the work that this book describes in detail has blossomed into a growing art which I hope will inspire many competent magicians. My hope is that it will yield similar, astounding fruit from its use and application.

Thank you to all my fellow magicians who have read and supported this work and in particular to Magus Michael Cecchetelli for introducing me to my prospective publisher.

Traditional magic work is tedious, time consuming, and difficult to juggle with the equal task of living a successful, modern-day lifestyle. The effects of results and experiences are worth it for those who achieve it though, and I hope this book will do just that for those who have a desire to see it done no matter the difficulty.

Thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting for this, I’ve been eager to get it to you….hopefully the wait shall not be much longer!

10th Operation. March,4 2012 6:29am Sun in Pisces Moon in Cancer, waxing. Final operation of the one year completed cycle of all four Almadel and Chora Altitudes.

I arose after a somewhat restless night. Showered, put on my clothes for the Northern Chora, and headed to my magical chamber. I sprinkled some holy water upon my head and anointed my eyes, temples and head with the hyssop oil while reciting the Psalm. All was arranged and the angel’s presence became apparent through the early part of the first evocation. Angel Captiel appeared in the crystal and regarded me in a kindly manner. I at once added mastic to the censer with coals and the smoke coiled around the Almadel in steady rising for the duration of the ceremony.

At this time I asked for my usual wishes and desires to be fulfilled as read from teh invocation and also that any obstacles, mentally, physically and externally be removed from my presence which hindered progression further in magic. The angels are to bind and remove unwanted things if consulted correctly. The angel said that it would continue to do so and also act as helper beyond the ceremonies to assist me in my pursuits.

During this final operation, I asked that the angel bless my elemental Earth disk implement which was underneath the altar as I had done with the other Chora angels. The angel said to remove it from other the altar and present it before him. I did so and the angel seemed to extend some of its presence past the Almadel and said to meditate on it when I needed to feel centered and balanced, and to remember to return to the natural working of the world and universe. I held on to the disk for the duration of the operation and indeed I felt more centered than ever before, as if a clear, immovable state of calmness had come over me. I spent a while beholding the angel and extending my thoughts to him which he seemed to comprehend completely and I was encouraged that I would continue in the correct direction for magical undertaking so long as my heart extended to the glory of God in the correct manner. I took this to heart and felt as long as my true will extended to my purpose for which I was conducting these experiments I would continue to learn.

I felt so thankful and blessed for the assistance of all the angels of the Almadels and at some point bowed my head before the altar and said a prayer of thanks for their attentiveness to me and continued presence and assistance through these experiments. I stayed in a state of complete gratefulness and openhearted attentiveness which again brought tears to my eyes. No other magical experiment has been as the Almadel ones have. I believe they grant fulfillment in the manners of aligning the magician to the elementally harmonious aspects of their lives. Although I have completed a full years cycle, I will undoubtedly begin a new series again with the Eastern Angels and perhaps even learn and communicate deeper with them since my first initial experiments.

I spent a while saying prayers of thanks and respectful departures as I bid Captiel farewell till our next formal meeting, the angel remarked that it would be near and continue to assist me beyond this operation. After I snuffed the candles and tided my working area, I spent some time relaxing in my magical chamber, taking in the rich deep scents left by the angel’s presence which is ironically different than the mastic incense but blends quite well together.

I packed up the carpets and canopy and altar covering, re-exposing the surface of the Solomonic Pauline Altar. …SO much has been done and so much more to yet to be done…there’s no finishing point, but always a reaching. Beyond any images of the mind, there is the purity and beauty of true magic.

Magickal writings:Update


– For all those who have been waiting, know that I am nearing completion of my book.

What started out as a simple ‘How to’ booklet has evolved into quite a large work of how to really create every detail of this art in entirety. All of my spare time has been spent creating, practicing, recording and organizing… in the desire to offer interested magicians a solid guide on how to complete these rituals successfully. Its has truly been fantastic and a very active arena for old school communication with planetary angels and beings.

There is still much work that needs to be done in order to get this book to be as complete and straightforward as possible. I keep adding more elements as I discover them. I should have a next draft up for review in the week ahead. I’m excited to offer my first ever public work of magic!