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HERE COMES THE SUN! …do do do do

A Sun alignment NO magician would want to miss!

Sun20 -Leo-19’46”

TALISMANS FOR SALE!! LEO’s you Don’t Want to miss this!

A student of mine who is currently undergoing the complete process for DSIC made me aware of a VERY potent Sun election which occurred today at Sunrise. Naturally this was an opportunity I could not miss!
Under the same process of Drawing Spirits into Crystals, I got in contact with archangel Michael and subordinate solar spirits and angels. In crafting these rare talismans, formulas were utilized (sufumigation blends and Invocations) from the Veritable Key of Solomon by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine. The talismans which I created are some VERY potent Sun talismans, using authentic calf parchment paper, some regular parchment paper, and very last of my LION SKIN. I wasn’t able to spend time on exact detail as I was working within the Sun’s time frame and with the limited consecrated tools I had with me in the circle.

I awoke early, a good half-hour before the first hour of the Sun and took a ritualized shower and headed downstairs to my magical room. I prepared everything within my circle, blending the Sun incenses/sufumigations together, prepared the ink, colors, and materials I would be using. The following seals are what I constructed within the hour to the best of my ability and materials I had with me. I must say I’m quite pleased by what I was able to turn out and the utter potency of these seals were filled with during the ritual. Bright was my chamber, and warm as if the sun had peeked through the very roof and floors of my house. I felt St. Michael present as well as other solar energies as I focused my work and called them to consecrate my talismans. The invocations used were based from the VKoS with my added intentions and are given below:


Prayer for Sunday from the Veritable Key of Solomon

“Lord Adonai, who has shaped a lowly sinner in your image and resemblance, from base and abject clay and earth, to initiate him for the remainder of time into the deep knowledge of your ineffable wonders, deign by the virtue of the Holy Names, which you made your servant Moses write on the Mystical Tables, to bless and sanctify all my Operations and ventures. O Arabonas, Jerablem, Jodadae, Zophiel, Eloy, Abraxas.”

Invocation for Sunday from the Veritable Key of Solomon

“Come, Heavenly Spirits, who are bright and resplendent with the rays of the Sun. Luminous Spirits, who are most prompt to obey the powerful voice of the great and wondrous Tetragrammaton, come to assist me in my Operation, which I undertake under auspices of the torch of the day, which our Creator has created for the use of all Nature. I invoke you to this purpose, to bless, empower, and consecrate materials and these seals which I will craft during this most potent hour, indulge me and come to my entreaties, which I make to you in the name of Him, who has desired to bear the glorious titles of Amoriam, Adonai, Sabaoth.”

Conjuration of Sunday from the Veritable Key of Solomon
“Oh happy spirits, who have been created to look at the face of Him, who is seated upon the Cherubim; I conjure you, Spirits, full of power, in the names of Sadai, Kadosh, Phah, Zaraye, Elohim, by the name of the first light, which is the Sun, that you come and contribute to the happy success of the Operation I am undertaking. I conjure you anew, that you use your virtue and power to separate the evil-doing spirits, who may detract from the benign influences of my work. I repeat my Conjuration by the virtue of the Divine Names, Abaye, Radiel, Caracasa, Amadeyel.”

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Lion skin Solar talismans are $85.00
Calf skin parchment/vellum talismans are $65.00
Paper parchment talismans are $36.00

I had a tremendously prosperous magical undertaking this morning and I hope other magicians did as well. 🙂 These seals could not have been created at a better time! I’m looking forward to seeing how the ones I am keeping for myself are going to work! Anyone who needs a little profitable “sunshine” in their lives will certainly benefit from these. I would love to hear feed back from those who obtain these.


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