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A Journey into fire

A few weeks ago I offered a few close friends (who were willing) a chance to experience the sensation of true astral projection and exploration in the astral planes. The first person to volunteer was a gifted seer, veritable Druid in the Celtic path, and long time friend.

In the two experiments given bellow I was lucky enough to have a partner who had been developing his spiritual sight and practice consistently for many years. That is to say his dedication for daily meditations, rituals, and following his path is impressive by anyone’s standards. We had known each other for over a decade and working together was quite easy and productive.

My method for inducing the effects for astral projection is to have the subject experience the deepest level of trance and relaxation as they are able and to physically experience the notable effects of pre-astral travel before the actual experience occurs. They are led to feel the quick vibrational hum of the energy moving about them, the experience of rocking or spinning, loosing sense of direction and gravity, and the sensation of lifting out of their body.

This was the first experiment I did with him to experience the astral plane. His record is below:

“First the sensation of rising was gentle but palpable. I was very aware of Fra. Ashen’s voice during the entire experience. Before leaving the room, which I could not see very well, I was suddenly rising through the floor of a hospital room in the midst of a surrounding privacy curtains, around a bed that contained a man whose face was in very bad shape, bloody, swollen, he looked to be completely unaware, the vision quickly faded and I was back rising through the roof of the house.
Sense of relaxation was very intense now, the vastness of the blue sky was high, very high above me. I saw for a moment a bird, a black bird, crow or raven flying above me. Again that vision faded and I was back in a dark relaxed state with lights moving before my vision. Moving into space was unsettling, but not dibilitatingly so. The light grew before me and as I moved into it ti was totally encompassing. Again there was a brief vision of a room, totally white, like light infused cream, with table and chairs also white. Again this faded but the feeling of the room was still there.
As Fra. Ashen directed me to see a guide a face appeared before me, very androgynous in appearance, but beautiful and kind in a stoic way. There were not words exchanged at first only impressions. Impression of frequent visitations by his kind to our planet, conveyed with some humor but some gravity. Felt his energy encompass me, almost like wings, an energy exchange or communication, perhaps both.
When I asked how I could easily contact him he pointed to my forehead and heart and said, “Through these places.” Strong impression of needing to work closely with the Operator. When I asked his name there seemed to be a moment of consideration on his part. Impression he had many, eventually he said, (name was given but am omitting it for blog). As I was returning, I saw a very detailed vision of a long rod of aquamarine filled with energy, and pearlized light. Coming back was very comforting and the feeling or dropping back in was not bad in anyway, like a feather falling on a windless day.”
Elemental planes.

This was an exciting proposal for me as it allowed me to recreate magical practices I had delved into during the earlier parts of my magical training and discovery while sharing it with others in a dynamic way. My early foundations for ritual/ceremonial magic were based upon these certain principles and it seemed more than appropriate to come full circle and acknowledge just how much my abilities and methods have matured over the years. In this sense, the practices as well as my magical tools have undergone quite a metamorphosis to encompass my understanding and experience as it has developed.
Hypnosis used with the effects of the “Magician’s Voice” to draw others into a shared mystical experience has been a great tool. I find that if I can just “get the person there”, the rest of the ceremony will follow suit without me having to paint the picture of what things “should” be like. The person experiences what they will all on their own with their own perceptions.

I construct the ritual by utilizing my formula for astral projection coupled with the portal opening invocations by the “Opening by Watchtower” – In this instance, specifically for the Fire element. I assist others to experience the realm of fire and the beings which inhabit it. The traveler will is seated within a magically concreted circle facing the south while gazing at a large, and specifically made fire Tatwaa board. I have them stare at the symbol while taking them through some breathing and deepening exercises. Post hypnotic suggestions are placed to take them into a deep state of mind and form a strong bond with the symbol they are gazing at.
The experience below was again done with the same friend and magical coworker I mentioned above. We have continued to work together and have been vastly enjoying the results and benefits of every operation.

After the chants have been said and invoking done with my fire wand, the subject forms a strong astral connection to the symbol or Tattwa. I will help deepen the level of focus and assist with the ability to project through the tatwaa as a doorway to the Fire realm. – Sound like fun?


My magical chamber is set up with TRITHEMIUS circle. An altar was set to the South coverd a scarlet silk covering. My fire wand, a brass censor, fire incense, and candles, as well as few other fire element corresponding symbols are all placed on the altar. my personalized Fire altar tablet with additional Tejas tattwa card are set outside of the circle directly in front of the seated subject. A large “portal mirror” acts as the stand and resting doorway for the tablet and Tattwa card. The subject sits in a comfortable chair and is seated directly behind the altar, placed within the circle facing south. Fire signs drawn over subject’s third eye with fire wand and fire sign portal (upside down V) drawn on his third eye with consecrated fire oil (the likeness to Oil of Abramelin)

As the subject contuse to deepen and star at the fire card, I begin the peremptory and traditional LBRP

Light trance induced where I had him begin to stare at the tattwa card and focus his gaze on it as lit all the red candles and placed fire incense on the censor. I then raise the fire wand in my hand and perform the Opening by watchtower, “And When after all the phantoms are banished, thou shalt see that Holy and Formless Fire! That fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the universe. Hear thou, the voice of fire!” I thrust my fire wand three times toward the tablet, plus symbols of the realm of fire, then an invoking pentagram of fire with the fire Kerub) within the center. Strong, focused intentions are directed toward opening the astral door way to the realm of fire through the tablet. I intone with vigor, “OIP TEAA PEDOCE”, and point my fire wand at the center and intone ELOHIM. “In the names and letters of the great Southern Quadrangle, I Invoke ye, ye angels of the Watchtower of the South!”
Energies in circle and room immediately change as I turn to the scryer/subject and guide him to astral travel state as he continues to stare, I find the right time and have him close his eyes, knowing he’s able to see the inverse tattwa image on his retina…

..With a successive count from 10 down to one, I suggest the Tattwa image growing larger and larger and him being drawn like a magnet toward it. It continues to move closer and grow larger till it become the size of a door way. With a focused breath of release of astral momentum, I could sense the scryer’s energy move out toward the south and fire tablet. At this Point I chanted the Divine name: Yhvh Tzabaoth followed by Archangel: Michael, and Angel: Aral. Further suggestions of allowing images and sense to become acute and experience the Fire elemental plane were given… then I remained still to sense the experiences myself.

Scyer’s Experience:

“As Fra. Ashen’s voice began to direct me through the tattwa I could easily see the reversal of color of the red and green. The doorway being green through my logical associations with color and put them aside and let the experience be. Stepping through the triangle, it lead me into foliage, seeing pulses of light zipping through leaves, vines, and branches. The idea of communicating life force was very evident, in green life. At his point my vision faded out again and I could not see. The I was able to barely see a city formed of shining brass and black and red marble, towers and spinnerets of shining gold, and above it all a great burning presence life suns next to one another and overpowering in light and heat. This was when Fra. Ashen invoked the Archangel Michael. There was so much movement, and I am such a terrible multitasker that it was hard to follow the beings the flashed and moved everywhere, with such rapidity of motion and speed that it took me a long time to get my bearings in all the chaos.

I had to shut my sight down for a few seconds and ask for a being to stop and converse with me. As my vision returned I saw only a face of flame very intent on me. When I asked his name and who he was he cried out “EFREET!!!” Raising his arms and suddenly the scene behind came flooding into vision. A red plain of smooth lave and on the lava sat thousands of brass vases and out of the vases shot pillars of thin fire straight in to the sky. Where the fires touched the ether, above them formed stars, thousands of them.

The Efreet spoke of purification and that it was that energy that connected it with water. It said that healers must bring the presence of fire with them when healing to burn away what was most harmful and unneeded. He talked of connecting into the fire to energize and push through obstacles, it’s energy linked to all four of the forces that fuse the golden key. That fire had many forms some cooling, destructive, purifying, but all was passionate energy.”

The session was concluded by a hypnotic command to do an about face and once again see the astral door way of the fire Tattwa in front of him (the Scryer) and have him once again step through the portal back into the room, a quick 1 to 10 count was given and a Closing by Watchtower of the fire portal was done with a banishing pentagram of fire drawn over. No LBRP was done and the room remained ENERGIZED for a time…… Very positive and amazing energy flowed through both of us the entire reminder of the day and evening. After the operation, I left to run 3 miles and teach my martial arts class with plenty of energy left to burn!


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