Traditional Greek/Cretan style black goat horn knife


The reproduction, creation, and proper use of magical weapons have all been passions of mine for many years now. In the study of the grimoires I have enjoyed uncovering the similarities of various magical instruments such as the hazel wand, Magical/Solomonic Seal, magical vestments, and the magical sword. Within the genre of the classical traditions, I have poured hours into research, experimentation, and divination to find out which of these magical tools will best serve me in the operations I undertake.

Usually, I follow the exact recipes mentioned for constructing and consecrating magical tools if I’m working from a specific grimoire. A few of the magician’s tools, (such as the ones I mentioned above) however are described in countless grimoires with quite a bit of variation between them. Many other scholarly and practical magicians have written on the subject and shared their own creations and points of view on the matter. Their efforts along with notable girmoric authors and scholars have really paved the way for others to find what they are looking for with ease and clarity.

It probably doesn’t need to be mentioned that much of my research goes beyond simple academic interest and theorizing. I believe the ritual implements serve a necessary purpose and fulfill a specific function. In some instances they provide the necessary protection and defense against some very (possible) harmful situations and beings. In such cases it would be a rare occasion should one ever need to wield or use such a weapon beyond a cautionary symbol of authority. I try to err on the side of caution though, when spiritual interaction is concerned. It’s better to be more prepared than not in these circumstances.
As with the magical sword, the magical black hilted knife should be apprehended as a potent symbol of sever authority and obedience,- and possibly punishment for hostel spirits. It is most certainly connected to the harsher aspects of Saturn and Mars.The “modern” grimoires say to construct it is on the day and hour of Saturn. However, you’ll find that older Greek sources say the knife should be made on the day and hour of Mars. After going back and forth between my sources I propose one could try creating the dagger on one day and recon-consecrating it on another. Another idea would be to possibly forge the dagger on the day and hour of Mars and consecrating and adding and symbols or sigils on the day and hour of Saturn.

The Hemlock juice mentioned as part of the forging quenching process is a poisonous plant associated with Saturn. As a leathal form of consumption, it was known since ancient Greece and other lands to send man into the otherworld. The black cat which is found in later versions of the Key of Solomon, was to have its blood added to the temper of the metal as well.
I’ve encountered mention of Greek and Roman ritualistic uses of knives of which I will expound on further below. I recalled earlier reading that priests would use a ‘black handled knife’ to cut turf and possibly the wood that was used for an altar (or sacrifice fire), and the ivory or white handled knife was used in the animal sacrifice.
There was also some mention that the black handled knife may have been more of a hatchet and would have had to be rather large and heavy.

Stylized “athame” black handle dagger with sigils done by Gary of OMEGA ARTWORKS

Much of the black handled knife has already been written and blogged about so I’ll do my best to (hopefully) add some new information and ideas to the interested magician/grimorist.

First let’s take a look at the parts of the knife and how they are made:

1. Material(s):
A finely made damascus steel knife with black horn handle.
Steel/iron …forged….steel and/or iron will have many obvious connotations to power, weapons foremost, and war. Metal/Iron is sacred to Aries or Mars. It seems the handle that was most commonly used was bone/ ivory or a goat or sheep’s (black) horn. The horns of animals have been used since ancient times for tools and ritual implements. Horns are typically associated with power, strength, and a productive nature. The very forging of a blade is an interesting process; a work of alchemy and artistry. The violence and force needed to temper a blade by hand is enough to put the intent of the tool into action.

I’m actually a rather snobbish sword collector and practice my martial art’s style of Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu (swordsmanship) in the Japanese tradition. I pay particular attention to not only how a sword is made but what types of steel(s) are used, and how the forging process is conducted. The melding, shaping, and combining of raw elements together is a sight to behold.

You’ll find lore that the Fae, or Celtic spirits/gods/faery are known to dread steel and treat it as a bane to their existence. In fact all spirits, especially ones closest to the earth are weary of tempered steel and bladed weapons in general.

In the excellent work, “The Magical Treatise of Solomon, or Hygromanteia (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series)”
Ioannis Marathakis quotes Nikolaos Politis describing a tradtion from Messara in 1904:
“Somebody was going to Khrousa with a friend of his. In some place they stopped for a while and then they separated. The moment they separated fairies surrounded him and they were talking to him. He did not understand what they were saying, but he had heard that if one beds a black handled knife into the ground, they leave. Luckily, he had such a knife, he bedded it into the ground and they left.”
2. Design and symbols/Sigils:
Wiccan perspective meaning of the sigils
There are some correlations between the grimoires of sigils and words to be engraved on the blade and/or handle. Many are difficult to decipher and understand in any direct sense. There have been theories and attempts made by various scholars and working magicians. Many of the symbols or sigils look like corrupted Hebrew letters as well as numbers which may have been measurement notes in some cases. However, the few which look to be direct and intended magical sigils seem to speak of “separating”, “dividing, “scattering”, and “dispatching” whatever they happen to come in contact with in the spiritual and possibly the physical as well. The other sigils have references to Saturn and Mars. After inscribing various sigils and using the black knife, The sigils seem to denote the severance of energies which would work well for “cutting the line in the earth” for the circle to make an unbreakable, spiritual, barricade as well as divide any assembled spiritual energies back into the void.

3. Mixtures, herbs, liquids, and prayers added:

Now with occurring the blood of a black cat, (and no I don’t think it was “code” for something else.) Black cats are symbols of the controlled division between the worlds: Life and death, intelligent attentiveness and balance between the physical world and the world of spirit. There is a humane way to obtain such an ingredient without killing or even really harming the said feline. Taking blood from people and animals is a common practice in the healthcare field but may take some practice and knowledge for any lay person. If available, I would suggest having a friendly vet or doctor do it for you and only take a reasonable amount so as not to cause the animal much discomfort. You can also purchase hyperdermic needles and go on YouTube and study online to learn how to extract the blood yourself if you wish. Obviously there is some risk to injuring the furry animal and I would suggest you obtain it from a cat you plan on having in your family or houshodl for a while. Magicians tend to likeor have cats, at least many do. Well I myself have a black cat. Seriously, not much “juice of Hemlock” and “Blood of black cat” is needed to absorb a sufficient amount within the chemical structure of the steel blade under extreme heat. You’ll get the needed mixture of molecules to have a very sufficiently “spiritually lethal” blade. Hemlock,is referring to one or two species of highly poisonous perennial herbaceous flowering plants in the family Apiaceae, native to Europe and the Mediterranean region as Conium maculatum, and to southern Africa as Conium.

Poisonous Hemlock was formerly used as a method of execution. In Greece, Hemlock juice was the substance the famous philosopher, Socrates ingested when he was sentenced to death. I caution the magus to be EXTREAMLY cautious if and when deciding to use this ingredient for your magical knife. There are no specific antidotes available for the toxin which is produced by this plant so you handle it at your own risk!
Overdoses can produce paralysis and loss of speech, followed by depression of the respiratory function, and then death. However, if you are still wishing to obtain this plant to extract the juices from, you can find them at the below websites:
The creation or consecration process doesn’t end there. Usually, the knife is then blessed with holy water and/or run through sacred incense which has also been consecrated to magical workings. The item is kept safe in a wrapping of black silk.
Most ancient magical Greek texts that mention the black handled knife say it should be made from the horn of a he-goat. It is used to assist with making the pen, parchment AND the circle. David Rankine also mentions it was used in cases of divination, as found in in a Talmudic passage by Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki)

The strongest argument and tradition supporting the make, appearance and use of the magical black handle knife comes from Greece and mainly the island of Crete. During my research I found that knife making is still a very proud tradition and the quality of knives that are made there are highly prized heirlooms and works of exquisite craftsmanship. The handles are still primarily made from goat horns and white bone.

Blades of CRETE:
On an Island south of Greece (practically between Greece and Egypt) is located a place of immense occult lore and foundation for some occult tradtions that are scattered through the grimoires, especially in its use of weapons against spirits. The Island name of Crete can be found surfacing in a few occult references, Dittany of Crete” is an oregano type plant that was said to be beneficial for manifesting goetic spirits. The knifes which were manufactured in this tiny region were often of high sentimental value and personal worth. The blades would have poems and songs inscribed on them. They were used for defense and customary wear by betrothed or married Cretan women.
The Cretan Dagger in Manners. Customs and Popular Beliefs of Crete (all information found on related website)

“The importance of the Cretan dagger’s symbolic value in the social life of Crete survived even until recently.

From a semiological point of view, the dagger indicated to other men that the girl was betrothed or married and that she belonged to one and only man.

As a symbolism, it reminded the girl herself that she ought to be devoted to her husband and that the price she would pay for any infidelity would be her own life. However, in addition to its symbolic significance, the dagger also had practical value, because the young Cretan woman would be able to defend herself and her dignity when in danger.

For the success of the wedding ritual and the stable foundation of the new family, Cretan customs prescribed earlier that a small black – hilted dagger be placed on the bride’s shoe before and during the wedding ceremony, so that the “spells” of those envying her fortune would not work.

Earlier, they used to believe in Crete that if the couple held a black – hilted dagger during the wedding ceremony, it would be able to counteract any “spells” that might have been cast on them aiming at the solution of the marriage.

Finally, after the wedding ceremony the newly – wed couple had to etch a cross on the threshold of their house with a black – hilted dagger, so that evil spirits would be prevented from entering and haunting it.

The symbolic significance of the dagger and its great metaphysical value in protecting humans against the fiendish powers of the invisible world and “ill – fated moments” was deeply rooted in Crete .

Tiny black – hilted daggers were used in manufacturing talismans for young children and talismans for protecting epileptics from the bad influence of the moon and the possessed from the pernicious influence of demons.

Furthermore, when a woman lost one of her children, she used to hang small black – hilted daggers with crosses etched on their hilts around her other children’s necks as talismans, so that the Grim Reaper would not take them too.

Engraved Cretan black horn knife
The Cretan Dagger and Magical Ceremonies

Daggers, always black – hilted, since black – hilted daggers were feared by the demons, played a leading part in the practice of magic in the sublunar world of sorcerers.

The sorcerer, master of love and hatred, in proceeding with his work of magic according to his wishes or those of the man or woman who had requested his assistance, used a black – hilted dagger in his spells and rituals of any nature.

In their effort to dominate over the powers of nature, to transgress against its known laws and to control the lives of humans with the help of demons, sorcerers used black – hilted daggers, with which they traced a circle on the ground and then poked it in its centre. Then they entered the circle and uttered some cryptic words and secret names. In this way they summoned the demons and ordered them, according to their wishes, protected from their malicious power inside the circle they had traced with their dagger. The dagger should not have been used in any other work before this procedure.

The tracing of the circle and the invocation of demons that followed constituted, according to tradition, the consummation of the sorcerer’s magic skills.

The tracing of the magic circle with black – hilted daggers was exercised by the island’s sorcerers mainly during their meetings with demons, called “davetia”.

The most typical description of the tracing of a magic circle with a black -hilted dagger in Crete for obtaining a magic purpose is provided by Nikos Politis in his description of the instruction of the lyra – player by the Fairies, so that he would be able to play the lyra with great virtuosity:

‘Whoever wants to become a good lyra – player should go to an isolated crossroads at midnight. First he should trace a circle on the ground with a black – hilted dagger, then enter it, stay there and start playing the lyra. A little later the Fairies will come and start hanging around him. Their purpose is not good, they want to do him harm, but since they cannot enter the circle, which has been traced with a black – hilted dagger, they try to lure him out in every possible way. They use blarney, they sing him nice songs, they wheedle him in a thousand and one different ways, but if he is wise, he must remain calm and continue to play the lyra without leaving the circle. If they fail, they invite him out of the circle in order to teach him how to play the lyra better. He must refuse. Then they will ask him to give them the lyra. The lyra – player should give it, cautious to let his arm or other part of his body out of the circle, because it will be amputated or he will go insane.’

Then a Fairy starts playing the lyra with great virtuosity and afterwards they return the lyra to him, hoping that he will be persuaded to leave the circle and they will be able to harm him”.

According to the description of Nikos Politis, the continuous interchange of the instrument between the Fairies and the lyra – player, without anyone of them passing the limits of the circle traced with the black – hilted dagger, continues all night long until the first cock crows. Then they ask him to give them something of his own and they promise to teach him how to play the lyra like them in return. The lyra – player usually gives them one of his nails and they in turn teach him how to play the lyra with great virtuosity and then disappear at daybreak.

For this reason, in earlier times, if a lyra player played his instrument with outstanding virtuosity, he used to say: “What do you think? I learnt to play the lyra at the crossroads”. ”

Videos on The Style Greek blades
More Info on the history of the black hilted knife:

Finley made modern White and Black handle Cretan knives
Cretan dagger with engraved poem/song

Cretan daggers are steel bladed, one-edged, straight knifes with very sharp, thin points. Ancient Cretan daggers were double-edged and very ornate. Modern blades are more practical. The handle of the dagger is called the “manika.” Daggers are made with three common types of manikas, the bird’s beak, the V-shape, and the classic style of ancient Cretan daggers. Manikas are only made from animal horn (black goat horn), white bone or ivory. Cretan daggers are sheathed in highly decorated metal sheath of silver or gold.
A small black hilted dagger is also used in the wedding ceremony during rituals intended to keep bad spirits away.

Two separate grimoire illustrations shows stylized “split” handle section popular with greek/Cretan knifes and shows
A Grimoric List of Variations for construction of the Magical Black Handled knife:

Illustrations of the “Magical knife” or dagger in The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon: From an Original Talismanic Grimoire in Full Color by Ebenezer Sibley and Frederick Hockley
1. The Key of Knowledge (Clavicula Salomonis) Transcribed from British Library, Additional manuscript 36674.

A knife is required in this art, therefore make it be made with a handle of iron which is pure, and let it be tempered in goose blood in the day of Mercury [Wednesday], in the increase of the Moon. After it be finished, say ten masses to be said over it, and write upon the handle thereof with the needle aforesaid these signs which follow:

Then perfume it as hereafter is appointed, and note that the circle be made with such a knife, this day lay it up in silken cloths until thou wilt work, and cut nothing with this knife, but only all things belonging to this art.
All other instruments of iron whatsoever they be, let them be made on the day, and hour of Mercury, and write upon them these signs following:
Also, see to the swords wherewithal you will work, that they be clean, and write upon them as followeth: lamec, Theah, Aniles, Theophilos, Def, Beth ladomay, El, Ja, Jah, Emanuel, Saday, Emnanal, sum qui sum, Agla, ALPHA & OMEGA. Write this with the ink aforesaid, and smoke them with the odours, and say this conjuration:

I conjure thee by the names, Abraham, Abraho, Tetragrammaton, which is to say, Aglane, that thou hurt me not in work. I conjure thee by pure, Stimulaton, and by these unspeakable names of Almighty God, which are: Egyrion, Osystron, Enona, Aula, by Asyn and by Manalo, Emanuel, Sabaoth, Adonay, primus, nouissimus, vnigenitus, Via, Vita, Manus, hono, primogenitus, finis, Sapientia, virtus, a. Caput, verbum, gloria, splendor, lux, Sol, Imago, Mors, Janua, Petra, Lapis, Angulus, Sponsus, pastor, propheta, Sacerdos, Athanatos, Ysyon, Pantacraton, Jesus, Halleluia; by these names, and all other names; I conjure you, that you have no power to hurt me.

Which done, let him keep it as before is said.
Besides this there must be made another knife in the day and hour of Mercury, tempered with the juice of pimpernel, and the bloode of a goose, upon the which you shall cause three masses to be said. Also, you must perfume it and sprinkle it with water as is aforesaid, with which knife, all thinges necessary must be cut. Note also that before any of these things be consecrated, that they be virgins, that is, such as were never used in work or labour.

edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers
Traditional Black handle knife reproduced from the image found in Mather’s illustration made by my friend Gary of
But as for the knife with the black hilt for making the circle, wherewith to strike terror and fear into the spirits, it should be made in the same manner, except that it should be done in the day and hour of Saturn, and dipped in the blood of a black cat and in the juice of hemlock, the characters and names a shown below being written thereon, from the point towards the hilt. Which being completed, thou shalt wrap it in a black silk cloth.

variation of sigils 1
Variation of sigils 2

Let him make a knife, of the form following, of Iron andamco. With a white haft of Ivory yt is tempered in the bloud of a goose and the Joyce [juice] of pimpernell, and let it be made one day & his howre in the augment of ye and fullfill from the first howre to ye 13th howre, and when he is made, cause to be songe over him x. masses. And write over (?) cinabrig conjured upon his hast, eyther with a needle or a poyntell of Iron, of such as followeth, of a needle, with this figure
Notice the suggested size and shape for the black knife here. Worthy of what is described in the Grimorium Verum.

Black and White handled knives from the “Veritable Key of Solomon”
Sloane 3847. The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian.
It is necessary in operations of artes or experiments to have swordes and knifes and other Instruments of the which circles may be made, and other necessary operations,
[48v] Let him make a knife, of the forme following, of Iron andamco. With a white haft of Ivory yt is tempered in the bloud of a goose and the Joyce [juice] of pimpernell, and let it be made one & his howre in the augment of ye fullfill from the first howre to ye 13th howre, and when he is made, cause to be songe over him x. masses. And write over (?) cinabrig conjured upon his hast, eyther with a needle or a poyntell of Iron, of such as followeth, of a needle, with this figure
and fumigate him with fumigations as followeth, with such a knife as the circles should be made with, if it be greevous for you to make such a knife, finde some knife of the foresaid fashion, with a haft all white or all blacke, and write upon manicu~ or haft the foresaid wordes, after the mañer aforesaid of that knife, and upon the plate begiñinge from the poynt, write with encausto conjured, Alpha et omega, agla, Ja, el, ou, premeumaton, syrnel, afrnel, and cause to be sayd over this knife [49r] 3 masses, one of the holy ghost and 2 of our Lady and fumigate him, with the fumigations followinge, and blesse him with water as followeth, conjuring sayinge, in nomine patris filii et S. Sancti Amen, and put him in a silke cloth, of such as followeth, until ye will worke, and of that knife let the circles of artes be made, and with that knife, let things necessary to the artes or experiments be cut, likewise let Artanus be made, but they neede not to be put in any operation, Let other Instruments of Iron, or staves, or rodds excersised in artes or experiments be consecrated, on that mañer, if they be Instrumts Let them be made one Mercurydayes and his howre as it is said of ye knife, and Arthano, and let these that followeth be written upon them,
( Here we have some obvious references to the word that would later be called “The athame”)

if they be staues or rodds, they ought for to be virginall, of whatsoeuer wood they be, & cutt of at one cut, with the knife aforesayd, in the howre of Mercury, and let the foresayd carecters be written upon that rodde, with such Inke as followeth then say ouer that rodd these wordes,
Adonay sanctissime et potens, tetragrammaton, fortissime, Saday, potentissime, adestote, et consecrate virgulam istam quemadmodum [49v] convenit per te sanctissime Adonay cuius regni noterit finis per omnia secula seculorum Amen.
Then let him be put in cleane place untill ye worke, swordes be necessarry in artes or experriments, take the swordes that ye worke withall after the manner followinge let them be scoured, and cleane from the first howre of the xii howre, and let these wordes be written upon his syde,
Lamec, Sidac, Cethag, Cheah, anilos, theodomos, theophilos, persidonos dif, chech, hech, ladomay ely elyol, ysyh, elya, Iach, emanuel, Saday, emuanas, nazarel, sum qui sum, alpha et omega
with cinobrio coniured, then let him be fumigate with fumigations followinge,
Arthanos is made one Mercuryday in the augment of the moone, and let him be tempered in the Joyce of pimpernell, and the bloud of a goose, and 3 masses songe ouer him, and be fumigate with such fumigation as followeth, and let them bathe them with such water as followeth, of water and Isope, of the which arthano ought to be cutt all necessary thinges to artes or [50v] experiments, and of him must the circles be made, about testas of the fumigations, and that is the dewty of this artanus, likewise let the swordes and spheares be consecated [sic], that they be new and virgin Iron, and never occupied in any worke, for if it were made otherwise, it would not profit.

The Black hilted knife for cutting hazel making circle and pinning down demons . “That with the black handle, destined to describe the circle and intimidate the spirits, and for performing other similar things, must be made in every respect like the first, except as regards the day and hour, which should be those of Saturn. The steel should be extinguished in the blood of a cat 3 times and the juice of hemlock, while the handle should be of sheep’s horn.”




The True Grimoire

The Most Approved Keys
Solomon, The Hebrew Rabbi
Of the Magical Knife.
It is necessary to have a knife or lancet, of new steel, made on the day and hour of Jupiter with
the Moon crescent.
( This is curiously unique to the grimoire indicating the knife be an implement for authority and success. Most likely the “crescent moon” in question is when the moon is waxing but not quite half.)
If it cannot be made, it may be bought, but this must be done at the time, as above. Having achieved this, you will say the Orison or Conjuration following, which will serve for the knife and lancet.

Conjuration of the Instrument.
I conjure thee, O form of the Instrument, by the authority of our Father God Almighty, by the
virtues of Heaven and by the Stars, by the virtue of the Angels, and by the virtue of the
Elements, by the virtues of the stones and herbs, and of snow-storms, winds and thunder: that
thou now obtain all the necessary power into thyself for the pefectioning of the achievement of
those things in which we are at present concerned! And this without deception, untruth, or
anything of that nature whatsoever, by God the Creator of the Sun of Angels! Amen.

Then we recite the Seven Psalms, and afterwards the following words:

Dalmaley lamekh cadat pancia velous merroe lamideck caldurech anereton mitraton : Most
Pure Angels, be the guardians of these instruments, they are needed for many things.

The Sacrificial Knife.

( Again, the Verum is ubnique as this is most likely the “black hilted” knife but is NOT the one listed above which is used to make the circle with. In most other SOlominc texts, the black handled knife is the one that enscribes the circles)

On the day of Mars [Tuesday] at the New Moon, make a knife of new steel which is strong
enough to cut the neck of a kid with one blow,
( Here a large knife or machete or clever type blade is suggested and would be practical in “cutting the hazel rod with one strike”. A small knife would not be able to serve this function properly and also a large knife would be easier to inscribe a circle on the ground with.)
and make a handle of wood on the same day ( The type of handle suggested here is most likely hazel nut as well) and in the same hour, and with an engraver you engrave on the handle these characters:
And the sigil Bechaud:
Engrave or write on the blade AGLA. Then asperge and fumigate it, and you have prepared an instrument for service when and whereyou wish.
Large Greek/Cretan style Black Horn “knife” apropriate for the Verum Sacrificial knife.
The Sacrificial knife is meant to slay the goat for the spirit that is to be summoned, as well as to make the parchment for the art by skinning it after. This may seem barbaric to some at first but echoes strongly the earlier Greek and Hebrew practices of animal sacrifices. Interestingly though, as I mentioned, the sacrificial knife is the same one used for cutting the wood of the hazel rod, but NOT marking out the circle with. The suggested size and ability to kill and cut “in one stroke” makes it a formidable and more effective weapon however.
My favorite Black horn handle knife to date before its engraving and consecration
So what do I use? Well the above was my knife before I fancied it up. I decided to refrain from displaying a current image of it at this time for personal reasons. I will say this. I opted for using a collaborating source of sigils stemming from The Key of Solomon Aub24 and using the preperations dictated by the text. I also experimented reconsecrating it if you will on auspicious Saturnine times as well as during Martian days/hours. Forming circles with this weapon out of doors is a very powerful gesture. I admit I do not typically use it in dealing with spirits for the severity and harshness it represents. However I am never worried about a spirit daring to stand against it.

The way in which I wil use this knife in abroad, begins with unwrapping it from its black silk, saying a prayer over it that I used during its consecration and I chat vigeriously the prayers found in the KoS while marking out my circle. If I also have my hazel wand or magical sword, I will almost always stab it in the ground within my circle before I begin my conjurations. This has felt “right” and a powerful sealer to my circle. (examine the “conjurer picture illustrations in esoteric archives)

My disposition toward spiritual entities of all sorts has evolved and changed over the years and I find I am less and less likely to threaten and demand in a harsh manner as I wish to learn and form respectable relationships between myself and the denizens of the spiritual world. Regardless, I am a warrior as much as a magician and I take nothing for granted and realize my best intentions are not always considered by supernatural beings. The black handled knife is a reminder of my capabilities…
OTHER EXAMPLES OF the magical knife and its uses:
African style ritual dagger

There are a few cultures I’ve studied who utilize a dagger or knife in a ritualistic way concerning spirits. You will find many similarities between Cretan and Indonesian knives in their composition, make, and use. The Indonesians make many blades with black horn handles in similar styles that you find in the grimoires. The kris is a highly prized knife of reputed magical power. In some circles and weapon’s experts it is seen as the most magical and effect knife in the world. For my tastes, if I cannot make the knife myself, I prefer it be made by a person of a culture and disposition where magic is vibrant and the lineage is inherent with mystical tradition and intention. Forming a relationship with a knife maker or artisan is a great way to have one made but their disposition toward magical arts might be a deciding factor depending on how much you inform them of your intentions.
Richard P. H. Greenfield in his
“Traditions of belief in late Byzantine Demonology” describes some various uses for the “magical knife” and more specifically the black-handled knife in exorcism. The knife was plunged into the heart of a tree when calling upon that tree’s spirit to work with the magician. And again, whilst and exorcism was being carried out on a person laid out on a table, the knife is plunged into the table to fix or hold the spirit once it was brought out of the

Phurba or more properly, kīla (or kīlaka)

To work with the spirits and deities of the earth, land and place, indigenous people of India, the Himalayas and the Mongolian Steppe pegged, nailed and/or pinned down the land. The nailing of the kīla is comparable to the idea of breaking the earth (turning the sod) in other traditions and the rite of laying the foundation stone. It is an ancient shamanic idea that has common currency throughout the region; it is prevalent in the Bön tradition and is also evident in the Vajrayana tradition. According to shamanic folklore current throughout the region, “…the mountains were giant pegs that kept the Earth in place and prevented it from moving.” (Kerrigan, et al., 1998: p27) Mountains such as Amnye Machen, according to folklore were held to have been brought from other lands just for this purpose. Stupa (compare cairn) are a development of this tradition and akin to kīla.

As a tool of exorcism, the kīla may be employed to hold demons or thoughtforms in place (once they have been expelled from their human hosts, for example) in order that their mindstream may be re-directed and their inherent obscurations transmuted. More esoterically, the kīla may serve to bind and pin down negative energies or obscurations from the mindstream of an entity, person or thoughtform, including the thoughtform generated by a group, project and so on, to administer purification
As Müller-Ebelling, et al. (2002: p. 55) states:
“The magic of the Magical Dagger comes from the effect that the material object has on the realm of the spirit. The art of tantric magicians or lamas lies in their visionary ability to comprehend the spiritual energy of the material object and to willfully focus it in a determined direction. . . The tantric use of the phurba encompasses the curing of disease, exorcism, killing demons, meditation, consecrations (puja), and weather-making. The blade of the phurba is used for the destruction of demonic powers. The top end of the phurba is used by the tantrikas for blessings.”
“In the Kathmandu Valley, the kīla is still in usage by shamans, magicians, tantrikas and lamas of different ethnic backgrounds. The kīla is used particularly intensively by the Tamang, Gurung and Newari Tibeto-Burmese tribes. The kīla is also employed by the Tibetans native to Nepal (the Bhotyas), the Sherpas, and the Tibetans living in Dharamasala.”
Black horn knife Indonesian style

Origion of the “Athame”

Finley made double sided, black handled dagger
“t\The Key of Solomon show considerable variability in labelling the ritual implement in question, but the oldest and best Latin and Italian manuscripts read “artavus” (penknife.) The English mss. Sl.3847 reads arthanus or arthany. The French manuscripts read artave, arthane, arthame, or athame. Other variations include arctavus. The variability is easy to explain: Artavus is a Medieval Latin term, not found in most dictionaries. It is clearly described by Du Cange
as “a small knife used for sharpening the pens of scribes.” –Joseph Peterson

One of my first Magical Daggers or “Athame” equivalent. The handle is 5000 Irish bog oak.
-Available for the interested magician: I am offering a few of my select prized blades that I’ve collected over the years in honor of the mighty black hilted knife. Each one was handpicked and selected for its materials and uniqueness and also for it’s seemingly predisposition toward magical work. The blades have each been modified and/or worked with in some sense with spiritual entities so they will not be virgin in any case if that is one of your concerns.

A look of magical knives I’ve collected over the years

However I can attest that each works for its intended purpose and should do so regardless of my previous handling. I am also offering some custom fashioned IRISH HAZELNUT WANDS which where personally hand made, cut, and sealed with a mixture of consecrated hazelnut oil and hyssop oil.
For the time being I am not listing these implements up on auction and will not be listing prices here. If anyone is curious in any of the aboce items, contact me adn we will work it out from there.


Joseph Peterson’s The ESOTERIC ARCHIVES classical works of Solomonic Magic:

The Clavis or Key to the Magic of Solomon: From an Original Talismanic Grimoire in Full Color by Ebenezer Sibley and Frederick Hockley

The Magical Treatise of Solomon, or Hygromanteia (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series)
by Ioannis Marathakis

Google: “taking blood from cats” – you tube.


The Veritable Key of Solomon -Stephen Skinner and David Rankine

The TRVE Grimoire by Jake Stratton-Kent


Hey wizard, What’s your religion?

A few reflections:
“Philosophy: Comparative Religions” was one of the most interesting college course that I ever had the pleasure of taking. That class along with Cultural Anthropology, my multitude of Psychology courses, Ethics, and a few others. The professor of the aforementioned course was one of those rare individuals whom you will never forget and will forever have the utmost respect and admiration for. She was over seventy years old and mentally sharp as a razor blade. She was able to argue intelligently and convincingly from any religious/philosophical standpoint and pretty much own a debate on all ends. She challenged me at the best points of my discussions, making me reconsider statements I made during class which I had the utmost confidence in. I began growing a profoundly richer and more compressive view on what I truly believed, and more importantly WHY I believed. I was also able to release, change, and discard previous “truths” I held on so tightly too and was able to reexamine assumptions I had about the workings of the world. I have found that as I go on through life, I’ve taken the academic and scholarly skills I learned in school and have applied them to my daily work and experience. My wish for everyone is that they find those rare teachers who truly do make a difference.
One of the largest areas my comprehensive learning has changed would be my views of religion and faith. Before my college courses and further learning, I had already abandoned the position of being in the “Singularly correct and one true Christian faith”. I had been raised Methodist which may possibly be one of the “lightest” forms of the Imperialist Monotheistic religion. I actually enjoyed church growing up and engaged the minister after his sermons on points of the various sermons. Religion, faith, scripture, and ethics were never “boring” to me so I never accepted it as passive integration into my life. I actively embraced, pursued, and questioned it. However, by my early teen years, I was having too many personal experiences with the spiritual and supernatural to accept any religious dogma as being anything near “fact” or “Truth”. Eventually after learning the history of my birth religion’s atrocities towards other human beings and faiths, I abandoned it altogether in search of something more agreeable.

I became quickly drawn to Celtic Druidism, (having skipped over the more popular Wicca and Witchcraft movement as being to erratic and popular-media driven) as it contained almost all the aspects I had been looking for and what I also felt intrinsically to be closer to a living “truth”. I researched and studied all I could on the subject, making some very close friends and contacts on the way. Shortly after, a “grove” was formed and I became an active member and leader within its small numbers. I experienced many rituals, gatherings, and events that shaped my life and to which I still hold a dear measure in my heart. My “break” from this path was brought on more so by the people than the philosophy. I enjoyed the wisdom and abilities from a select few but found that many pagans were undisciplined and rather erratic in their approach to spirituality and religion in general. They were angry or dissatisfied with the mainstream religions or culture they were brought up in and still had trouble securing measures of success and balance in their personal lives. “Organized Pagan Religion” was very much a new concept and many groups disbanded not long after they were formed with the leaders often being people of unhealthy physical, social, and psychological standing. Unfortunately, our own group, like many, began being more focused on mundane, social activities and complaints about “The Christians” rather than doing our parts to make the world and ourselves better.

At one point I realized I did not require any specific social group to be convinced that I belonged or which I needed to feel imbued by others with some sort of esoteric importance. I vied to focus solely on personal development in magical and spiritual arts no matter what tradition or religion they stemmed from. Within the past decade or so I returned largely to the Western Esoteric systems of magic which are largely Catholic in nature. The irony of this decision was not lost on me and I found myself mending many broken ties with my former religion as well as having deeper appreciation for the Catholic Church which I previously held just above a level of contempt.
Few people these days will ask about my religion or what I believe, but when they do I will respond according to how I wish to steer the conversation. I will never lie or mislead intentionally but will typically not answer directly for a multitude of reasons.

-If I were to give a direct answer, I would state that my “religion” is Magic. In saying this, one would have to understand what my personal definition and understanding of what “magic” is. The word itself stirs up a multitude of images and labels in our society, even among practitioners. The essence of the word for me is the embodiment of my personal connection to the divine. It is the conduit through which real “truth” may be seen. When it works and is working well, I experience life, and the spiritual in stark clarity and expression. I integrate information and wisdom from a source beyond human relating and simple written words. I experience beings and energies that are dissimilar to any other involvement in the world. The whole spectrum of experiences and sensations that the practice of magic has given me makes up the closest thing I can have to a solid religion. Just like a reasonable Christian would see Jesus/God as being the focus of their faith and not “Christianity” itself, “magic” for me is not the object worshiped but the method, the practice, I utilize to worship. In my case the worship is geared toward whichever aspect of Spirituality I am focused on at that moment, which I all conceive of as being from a Creator who exists beyond the capacity of religious framework or human comprehension. By magical means I can connect to the current of vibrant and living archetypes, spiritual beings of great power and feel some measure of their influence.

Through my magic I can be okay in realizing that my perception and conception of the spiritual/divine is limited by my own psychological, cultural, social, environmental, and genetic variables. Though academic learning, study, and interaction with fellow magicians and thinkers I can appreciate the diverseness of experience and comprehension of the universe. Because of my magic, I can be okay with experiencing the unknown in a particularly unique and individual way because I am actually experiencing it. Through magic, I can study the techniques of priests, healers, seekers, shaman, and wise-people of various cultures and religions try their methods out for myself and see if I can experience a part of their own conception of truth or spirituality. Through magic, and faith in its origins, the unknown is not something to be feared and avoided, its something to be explored and sought. Through experiences by magic, I’ve learned that not all intelligent beings in the world, think and reason as human beings do which has caused me to be more humble and open toward events I don’t understand.

By magic, I can immerse myself in the ecstasy of divine presence without any need of assistance from other human beings. Magic, is indeed my “religion”: The vehicle I use to experience divinity and understand the divinity within me. Through magic, other faiths are not only appreciated, but experienced. Anytime I am present to experience the divinity of nature, the words of truth from another falling upon my ears, while gazing upon the wonderful workings of art, expression, beauty, life in existence, it is magic. Magic is life, magic is constant and pervasive for those who can feel and sense it moving through them. It is beyond the frequencies of human comprehension and sensation, yet can enhance and strengthen each. Beyond any other sensation or physical experience, involvement in magic has taken me to the deepest levels of passion, and the highest states of spiritual bliss.
My view of the Druid, magician, or wizard still remains the same, even after all these years. Beyond the title, they are the ones who stand apart in their journey when compared with the multitudes of humanity and their pursuits. They are the ones who assist those in their community as best as they are able to with the seen and unseen goings on. They are the moderators between the spiritual and physical worlds; those who attempt to have the widest view from as many sides as they can see so as not to be blinded by limiting “human ideals”. Beyond right or wrong, they experience what they believe instead of accepting it from others. Hopefully they/we are the voice of reason when fundamentalists of any standing threaten to become extremists.
Despite the best of intentions and the highest of learning however, the magus will error in his assessments and judgment. We are human after all and cannot see all beyond the filters of our humanity. Even as we stand apart, we are put back in our place by the same works we seek to understand and often control. That’s why the wisest among us will wrap themselves in the mantle of humility and compassion.

On its way!

My Book has taken so much longer than I could have ever anticipated. It is nice to finally see it in the “UPCOMING” section on my publisher’s web page. Visit NEPHILIM PRESS and look around

The book is to be officially titled:

Gateways Through Stone and Circle
“A Manual of Evocation for the Planetary Intelligences”

A magical colleague and friend Inominandum, now has The Book of Abrasax published and for sale. I highly recommend his work. I plan on doing a review as soon as I read through the material.
NEPHILIM looks to have some great magician/ authors up on their sight and I’ve been pleased with how my work and correspondence with them has gone. I’m very excited to learn of others who have begun experimenting with the art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals and are trying to conduct these operations in earnest. It seems a large surge of magicians are collaborating and sharing their experiences. I cannot wait to hear how this work will impact everyone who tried it for themselves!

Nine days to the Knight

Evocation Time

Most folks didn’t hear from me the past 9 days, or seemed “removed” due to the fact that I was preparing for another Goetic evocation. I decided to evoke the Knight again and see what I might be able to further learn from him. My evocations get increasingly better with each round and I’m hoping this is any area I come to “perfect” one day, if there is such a thing. AS most know who read my blog, I’m mostly only interested to evocation to full visual and auditory presence concerning the Ars Goetia of the Lemegeton.

It’s always interesting undergoing this ritualistic purification time. The whole magical act from retreat, abstaining and fasting, to building and preparing all the magical equipment is a noteworthy magical act in and of itself. I must admit, the nine days aren’t exactly easy for me and I find all sorts of circumstances arise when I have my mind set on focusing solely on magical ritual. As I do not have the luxury to remove myself to some solitary cabin in the woods or magician’s hermitage, I have to make do with moderating my day to day life with magical intrigue. Determined to not be distracted, trying to be “holy”, and immediately cease various habits and ways of thinking can be difficult as the days and hours role on. It seems certain spirits put further tests in your way to challenge your resolve and determination. Regardless, I refreshed my memory to recite the conjurations from heart and reconnected my will to come into alignment with the art.

For this evocation, I decided to borrow my close friend’s garage, as he lived just behind me and his family was not using it for anything for the time being. It had just enough room to do my operation and I thought I could make it work perfectly. In this time I constructed a new parchment hexagram, had a standing iron brazier or chafing dish, custom made. I also tried a few other experiments like Asterion Mage’s consecration and 9 day blessing ritual for the Hyssop oil for anointing my eyes and brows with; a very suitable and worthwhile exercise by my appraisal.

I must say I was fairly pleased with how everything was coming together and the new methods I was learning.

new hexagram design
Halfway through my days of purification, I became a bit worried as the garage needed to be tidied up and I was running out of time for getting it ready. Luckily, my friend and his family and I all came together and got it prepared in the nick of time. The very next day I decided to bless the “temple” space by doing an impromptu ritual which Dr. Lisiewski recommends in His HOWLINGS From THE PIT book. It involves taking 9 white unscented candles and placing them in the area of the 9 foot circle and during an aspersion ritual with holy water and prayers. I also did some intense Middle Pillar type exercises and I incensed the entire chamber with church incense. For a closing, I decided to use the “Benediction of the Place” found in Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon:

The Benediction of the place.
“Blesse Oh Lord this place, that there may be in it Holy Sanctity, chastity, meekness, victory, holiness, humility, goodness, plenty, obedience of the Law, to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Hear Oh Lord, holy Father, Almighty eternal God; and send thy Holy Angel Michael, who may protect, keep, preserve and visit me, dwelling in this Tabernacle, by him who liveth, &c”
It was nice to see how much the atmosphere of a place could be changed after performing that work.
The Sunday before my operation I attended a local Catholic Church for Mass and received the Eucharist and underwent confession and gathered some holy water as well as stocking up on some more baptismal water which has come in handy. I attended Mass once again, the day before my ritual and received communion one more time before undergoing my operation. The acknowledgement to the Catholic faith and ritual has been pleasant and interesting although I was not raised Catholic and the religion still feels somewhat foreign. I respect and acknowledge it for the origin of the magicians of the grimories among other things. I also became very aware of the passion for which the prayers can alter one’s consciousness when said with honest integrity and an open heart. Much of what their about use to seem completely outdated and somewhat disagreeable in ways but I found myself really reaching beyond the bare letters to what they desire: Connection to divinity.
My operation was to begin at the twilight before Dawn which was about 5:1`8 am. The night before I went to bed early to get a bit of rest and ended up rising at 3:30 am for my ritual bath, prayer, and meditation before the ceremony. I then dressed in my white linen undergarments which consist of pants and a shirt of linen over my under-under garments. I loaded up the rest of my small important gear in the car and headed over to my friends long before the sun was up. No one was around and I appreciated the silence. My friend had given me the key to the garage to make sure it was secure, which I was happy about, since my circle tarp, candle sticks, altar table, and a few other important ritual equipment had been brought there the night before to make everything ready. Upon arriving in the garage/temple I arranged all the major furniture and folded my vestments and linen vesture in a neat pile near one wall.

I readied all the equipment through the chamber and lit the coals to have them ready by the time I began the invocations.
I owe a lot of success and the particulars of my methods of conjurations to Mr. J.K (Imperial Arts) whom I’ve molded my efforts of Goetic workings after. He mentions in his writings that he does not fill the room with incense smoke but rather gives it as an offering to the spirit AFTER its arrival. I haven’t quite been able to pull this method off and I vouched to incense the room thoroughly before evocation from the indication that the smoke does seem to have some correlation to the spirit forming its ethereal body and also from the Goetia’s direct quote which states:
“The other materialls is [are] a sceptre or sword; a miter or cap, a long white Robe of Linnen, with shoes and other Clothes for ye purpose also a girdle of Lyons skin 3 Inches broad, with all the names about it as is about the uttermost round [part of the] Circle, & also perfumes and a chafin [chafing] dish of Charcoles kindled to put the fumes into; to smoke or perfume yee place appointed for action. also annoynting oyles to anoynt yr Temples & Eyes wth; & fair water to wash yrselves in. & in so doeing yu are to say as david said (viz)” (Bold mine)
Here it sates the ritual area is intended to be incensed and smoked in and by itself, as a matter of course and before the actual evocation.

The main beeswax candle that made the holy lamp for my altar was lit first. ( if you plan on reading ANYTHING or writing down the spirit’s remarks or recalling questions, etc. you will NEED a light of some sort when doing evocations at night). It was pitch black in those early hours and the KoS style candle was an essential, practical item. (The 4 outer candles didn’t quite cut it) I took a moment to connect to the divine in order to “get out of my own way” enough to let the bliss take over as I spoke. I’m still working on this but each time gets better. was impressed by how well I actually remember the lengthy conjurations though and never tripped up once after reciting each a few times.

The conjurations took quite a few recitations to bring any sense of the spirit’s arrival around. During this time it can be extremely difficult not to let feelings of doubt and despair creep in.

When the atmosphere finally changed, and by changed I mean the walls where the spirit was to appear sort of blacked out and seemed to vanish without any discernible parameters. I started seeing small sparks or rather small flashes of colored lights and a few streaks in my peripheral vision and the incense smoke seemed to condense into a thick wall. I was a bit confused however as the glowing smoke that seemed to collect near the triangle did not form the spirit as I expected it to. At first the spirit seemed hesitant to arrive as if something was keeping it from fully arriving. After a time though I noticed a large shadow on the wall that came into sharper view and the shadow seemed to become more and more discernible as the seconds went on. I simply stood there staring at it as it did so. It looked as if it simply came off the wall and formed itself into three-dimensional space. The image, which at first was a dark silhouette, became an apparition of an aged knight riding a rather large horse. By “large”, I suppose I mean that it was life size and took up the whole wall of the chamber. I guess I expect them to sometimes be more compacted and to scale of the triangle. It appeared as an apparition not like in the sense that I could see through it, but that it appeared as if I was looking through a thick fog or smoke at it (which in actuality I was, the Myrrh incense was pretty abundant through the room).
The knight Furcas could be seen in profile and looked a lot younger and healthier than I remembered seeing it the first time. It/he sill had the long white beard and stern look but with more vigor in his face than before. The weapon thing he held in his right hand in a downward slant was an uneven, two pointed looking spear which I had not seen in the physical world anywhere (and I know my weapons). He regarded me with a brooding stern, yet patient expression and simply waited. I gave the Address, removing my new parchment eight inch “card” hexagram from a linen pouch I made to hang from my lion belt and held it up before the spirit. At that time the knight dismounted and stood nearer to me within the triangle. I set the hexagram in front of my altar lantern and noticed how the glow of the altar lamp seemed to glow through the parchment so it could clearly be seen by the spirit in vivid detail.

I had chosen to contact him again after consideration furthering my progress with spirit contact and interaction and also at the suggestion of my magical colleague and goetic mentor, Mr. J.K. (Imperial Arts). A sheet of questions and a separate sheet for the charges were written out with a veritable sheep skin parchment seal that would be used for the contract, or if things got disagreeable, to be placed in the black box with sulfur and asafoetida.
I had difficulty hearing the spirit’s reply’s to my questions and what it said to me despite asking it to “speak clearer and louder” which after a while I took to be some fault of my own. The spirit also seemed somewhat restless and I saw the darkened windows begin to gray with the approach of dawn before I knew it and found myself running out of time. I issued my charge to it regardless, the full contents of which I am keeping to myself. It seemed agreeable to the terms although I cannot say I feel completely satisfied with the clarity of the exchange. As it grew lighter I felt the atmosphere almost lifting on its own accord so I recited the license to depart and waited until the garage became, just an empty garage once more. I knelt before the table in the circle and opened my handwritten copy of the Goetic prayers and invocations to where I recorded

The Conclusion of the whole work, and Confirmation of the Science obtained.
“Oh God, Maker of all things; who hast created all things out of nothing; who hast wonderfully created the Heaven and Earth, and all things by degrees in order, in the beginning, with thy Son, by whom all things are made, and into whom all things shall at last return: Who art Alpha and Omega: I beseech thee though a sinner, & unworthy, that I may attain to my desired end in this Holy Art, speedily, and not lose the same by my sins; but do good unto [110] me, according to thy unspeakable mercy: who doth not to us after our sins, nor rewardeth us after our iniquities, Amen.”

This prayer is actually intended for the exercises and prayers of the “Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon” but it seemed fitting to add for my thanks for giving completed a goetic evocation to a degree and not being turned into ash or something. I also offered a prayer for my gratitude in being able to perform the rite. I packed up my ritual attire, feeling that the operation went well considering but still had a long way to go before I had any sense of mastery over this art. It was probably more humbling than anything but I did not have any precognitive feelings of dread or disorder thinking that the spirit had gained some sort of upper hand or something.

With study and practice over the years, the Goetia, as given in the Lemegeton has really seemed like an “updated” operation from a magus who was intimately familiar and initially well versed in the versions from the Key of Solomon and also the Heptameron. With obvious connections between the three, the inclusion of the Goetic spirit seals, increased measures of protections like the Solomonic ring and notable lion skin belt of names, this magician seemed to procure have more of a buffer zone between the spirit’s influences and himself than given in the two aforementioned arts. In my view, these inclusions and modifications were made by a magician(s) who took the lot of their experience and knowledge from other sources to make it into a unique, albeit personal, workable art.

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A Journey into fire

A few weeks ago I offered a few close friends (who were willing) a chance to experience the sensation of true astral projection and exploration in the astral planes. The first person to volunteer was a gifted seer, veritable Druid in the Celtic path, and long time friend.

In the two experiments given bellow I was lucky enough to have a partner who had been developing his spiritual sight and practice consistently for many years. That is to say his dedication for daily meditations, rituals, and following his path is impressive by anyone’s standards. We had known each other for over a decade and working together was quite easy and productive.

My method for inducing the effects for astral projection is to have the subject experience the deepest level of trance and relaxation as they are able and to physically experience the notable effects of pre-astral travel before the actual experience occurs. They are led to feel the quick vibrational hum of the energy moving about them, the experience of rocking or spinning, loosing sense of direction and gravity, and the sensation of lifting out of their body.

This was the first experiment I did with him to experience the astral plane. His record is below:

“First the sensation of rising was gentle but palpable. I was very aware of Fra. Ashen’s voice during the entire experience. Before leaving the room, which I could not see very well, I was suddenly rising through the floor of a hospital room in the midst of a surrounding privacy curtains, around a bed that contained a man whose face was in very bad shape, bloody, swollen, he looked to be completely unaware, the vision quickly faded and I was back rising through the roof of the house.
Sense of relaxation was very intense now, the vastness of the blue sky was high, very high above me. I saw for a moment a bird, a black bird, crow or raven flying above me. Again that vision faded and I was back in a dark relaxed state with lights moving before my vision. Moving into space was unsettling, but not dibilitatingly so. The light grew before me and as I moved into it ti was totally encompassing. Again there was a brief vision of a room, totally white, like light infused cream, with table and chairs also white. Again this faded but the feeling of the room was still there.
As Fra. Ashen directed me to see a guide a face appeared before me, very androgynous in appearance, but beautiful and kind in a stoic way. There were not words exchanged at first only impressions. Impression of frequent visitations by his kind to our planet, conveyed with some humor but some gravity. Felt his energy encompass me, almost like wings, an energy exchange or communication, perhaps both.
When I asked how I could easily contact him he pointed to my forehead and heart and said, “Through these places.” Strong impression of needing to work closely with the Operator. When I asked his name there seemed to be a moment of consideration on his part. Impression he had many, eventually he said, (name was given but am omitting it for blog). As I was returning, I saw a very detailed vision of a long rod of aquamarine filled with energy, and pearlized light. Coming back was very comforting and the feeling or dropping back in was not bad in anyway, like a feather falling on a windless day.”
Elemental planes.

This was an exciting proposal for me as it allowed me to recreate magical practices I had delved into during the earlier parts of my magical training and discovery while sharing it with others in a dynamic way. My early foundations for ritual/ceremonial magic were based upon these certain principles and it seemed more than appropriate to come full circle and acknowledge just how much my abilities and methods have matured over the years. In this sense, the practices as well as my magical tools have undergone quite a metamorphosis to encompass my understanding and experience as it has developed.
Hypnosis used with the effects of the “Magician’s Voice” to draw others into a shared mystical experience has been a great tool. I find that if I can just “get the person there”, the rest of the ceremony will follow suit without me having to paint the picture of what things “should” be like. The person experiences what they will all on their own with their own perceptions.

I construct the ritual by utilizing my formula for astral projection coupled with the portal opening invocations by the “Opening by Watchtower” – In this instance, specifically for the Fire element. I assist others to experience the realm of fire and the beings which inhabit it. The traveler will is seated within a magically concreted circle facing the south while gazing at a large, and specifically made fire Tatwaa board. I have them stare at the symbol while taking them through some breathing and deepening exercises. Post hypnotic suggestions are placed to take them into a deep state of mind and form a strong bond with the symbol they are gazing at.
The experience below was again done with the same friend and magical coworker I mentioned above. We have continued to work together and have been vastly enjoying the results and benefits of every operation.

After the chants have been said and invoking done with my fire wand, the subject forms a strong astral connection to the symbol or Tattwa. I will help deepen the level of focus and assist with the ability to project through the tatwaa as a doorway to the Fire realm. – Sound like fun?


My magical chamber is set up with TRITHEMIUS circle. An altar was set to the South coverd a scarlet silk covering. My fire wand, a brass censor, fire incense, and candles, as well as few other fire element corresponding symbols are all placed on the altar. my personalized Fire altar tablet with additional Tejas tattwa card are set outside of the circle directly in front of the seated subject. A large “portal mirror” acts as the stand and resting doorway for the tablet and Tattwa card. The subject sits in a comfortable chair and is seated directly behind the altar, placed within the circle facing south. Fire signs drawn over subject’s third eye with fire wand and fire sign portal (upside down V) drawn on his third eye with consecrated fire oil (the likeness to Oil of Abramelin)

As the subject contuse to deepen and star at the fire card, I begin the peremptory and traditional LBRP

Light trance induced where I had him begin to stare at the tattwa card and focus his gaze on it as lit all the red candles and placed fire incense on the censor. I then raise the fire wand in my hand and perform the Opening by watchtower, “And When after all the phantoms are banished, thou shalt see that Holy and Formless Fire! That fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the universe. Hear thou, the voice of fire!” I thrust my fire wand three times toward the tablet, plus symbols of the realm of fire, then an invoking pentagram of fire with the fire Kerub) within the center. Strong, focused intentions are directed toward opening the astral door way to the realm of fire through the tablet. I intone with vigor, “OIP TEAA PEDOCE”, and point my fire wand at the center and intone ELOHIM. “In the names and letters of the great Southern Quadrangle, I Invoke ye, ye angels of the Watchtower of the South!”
Energies in circle and room immediately change as I turn to the scryer/subject and guide him to astral travel state as he continues to stare, I find the right time and have him close his eyes, knowing he’s able to see the inverse tattwa image on his retina…

..With a successive count from 10 down to one, I suggest the Tattwa image growing larger and larger and him being drawn like a magnet toward it. It continues to move closer and grow larger till it become the size of a door way. With a focused breath of release of astral momentum, I could sense the scryer’s energy move out toward the south and fire tablet. At this Point I chanted the Divine name: Yhvh Tzabaoth followed by Archangel: Michael, and Angel: Aral. Further suggestions of allowing images and sense to become acute and experience the Fire elemental plane were given… then I remained still to sense the experiences myself.

Scyer’s Experience:

“As Fra. Ashen’s voice began to direct me through the tattwa I could easily see the reversal of color of the red and green. The doorway being green through my logical associations with color and put them aside and let the experience be. Stepping through the triangle, it lead me into foliage, seeing pulses of light zipping through leaves, vines, and branches. The idea of communicating life force was very evident, in green life. At his point my vision faded out again and I could not see. The I was able to barely see a city formed of shining brass and black and red marble, towers and spinnerets of shining gold, and above it all a great burning presence life suns next to one another and overpowering in light and heat. This was when Fra. Ashen invoked the Archangel Michael. There was so much movement, and I am such a terrible multitasker that it was hard to follow the beings the flashed and moved everywhere, with such rapidity of motion and speed that it took me a long time to get my bearings in all the chaos.

I had to shut my sight down for a few seconds and ask for a being to stop and converse with me. As my vision returned I saw only a face of flame very intent on me. When I asked his name and who he was he cried out “EFREET!!!” Raising his arms and suddenly the scene behind came flooding into vision. A red plain of smooth lave and on the lava sat thousands of brass vases and out of the vases shot pillars of thin fire straight in to the sky. Where the fires touched the ether, above them formed stars, thousands of them.

The Efreet spoke of purification and that it was that energy that connected it with water. It said that healers must bring the presence of fire with them when healing to burn away what was most harmful and unneeded. He talked of connecting into the fire to energize and push through obstacles, it’s energy linked to all four of the forces that fuse the golden key. That fire had many forms some cooling, destructive, purifying, but all was passionate energy.”

The session was concluded by a hypnotic command to do an about face and once again see the astral door way of the fire Tattwa in front of him (the Scryer) and have him once again step through the portal back into the room, a quick 1 to 10 count was given and a Closing by Watchtower of the fire portal was done with a banishing pentagram of fire drawn over. No LBRP was done and the room remained ENERGIZED for a time…… Very positive and amazing energy flowed through both of us the entire reminder of the day and evening. After the operation, I left to run 3 miles and teach my martial arts class with plenty of energy left to burn!

HERE COMES THE SUN! …do do do do

A Sun alignment NO magician would want to miss!

Sun20 -Leo-19’46”

TALISMANS FOR SALE!! LEO’s you Don’t Want to miss this!

A student of mine who is currently undergoing the complete process for DSIC made me aware of a VERY potent Sun election which occurred today at Sunrise. Naturally this was an opportunity I could not miss!
Under the same process of Drawing Spirits into Crystals, I got in contact with archangel Michael and subordinate solar spirits and angels. In crafting these rare talismans, formulas were utilized (sufumigation blends and Invocations) from the Veritable Key of Solomon by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine. The talismans which I created are some VERY potent Sun talismans, using authentic calf parchment paper, some regular parchment paper, and very last of my LION SKIN. I wasn’t able to spend time on exact detail as I was working within the Sun’s time frame and with the limited consecrated tools I had with me in the circle.

I awoke early, a good half-hour before the first hour of the Sun and took a ritualized shower and headed downstairs to my magical room. I prepared everything within my circle, blending the Sun incenses/sufumigations together, prepared the ink, colors, and materials I would be using. The following seals are what I constructed within the hour to the best of my ability and materials I had with me. I must say I’m quite pleased by what I was able to turn out and the utter potency of these seals were filled with during the ritual. Bright was my chamber, and warm as if the sun had peeked through the very roof and floors of my house. I felt St. Michael present as well as other solar energies as I focused my work and called them to consecrate my talismans. The invocations used were based from the VKoS with my added intentions and are given below:


Prayer for Sunday from the Veritable Key of Solomon

“Lord Adonai, who has shaped a lowly sinner in your image and resemblance, from base and abject clay and earth, to initiate him for the remainder of time into the deep knowledge of your ineffable wonders, deign by the virtue of the Holy Names, which you made your servant Moses write on the Mystical Tables, to bless and sanctify all my Operations and ventures. O Arabonas, Jerablem, Jodadae, Zophiel, Eloy, Abraxas.”

Invocation for Sunday from the Veritable Key of Solomon

“Come, Heavenly Spirits, who are bright and resplendent with the rays of the Sun. Luminous Spirits, who are most prompt to obey the powerful voice of the great and wondrous Tetragrammaton, come to assist me in my Operation, which I undertake under auspices of the torch of the day, which our Creator has created for the use of all Nature. I invoke you to this purpose, to bless, empower, and consecrate materials and these seals which I will craft during this most potent hour, indulge me and come to my entreaties, which I make to you in the name of Him, who has desired to bear the glorious titles of Amoriam, Adonai, Sabaoth.”

Conjuration of Sunday from the Veritable Key of Solomon
“Oh happy spirits, who have been created to look at the face of Him, who is seated upon the Cherubim; I conjure you, Spirits, full of power, in the names of Sadai, Kadosh, Phah, Zaraye, Elohim, by the name of the first light, which is the Sun, that you come and contribute to the happy success of the Operation I am undertaking. I conjure you anew, that you use your virtue and power to separate the evil-doing spirits, who may detract from the benign influences of my work. I repeat my Conjuration by the virtue of the Divine Names, Abaye, Radiel, Caracasa, Amadeyel.”

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Lion skin Solar talismans are $85.00
Calf skin parchment/vellum talismans are $65.00
Paper parchment talismans are $36.00

I had a tremendously prosperous magical undertaking this morning and I hope other magicians did as well. 🙂 These seals could not have been created at a better time! I’m looking forward to seeing how the ones I am keeping for myself are going to work! Anyone who needs a little profitable “sunshine” in their lives will certainly benefit from these. I would love to hear feed back from those who obtain these.

Every thing to its season

I took a brief recess from intense magical workings these past few months, with moderate workings, research, and meditations keeping me in the flow. Luckily, with obvious signs boosting me back toward another round of evocations, magical journeys, and discoveries, I have reignited my passion for specific spiritual exploits and intense grimoric undertakings.



A few months ago, I butted heads with a few respected magicians who I have come to call respected acquaintances more so than simply colleagues. The issue arose when I became disheartened after I read so many magicians downplaying the effects and purpose of the so called “physical manifestation” phenomena which occurs during classical evocation of spirits. At first, many of the arguments were based on semantics where the word “physical” should have obviously been replaced with “visual” as I have yet to read where any magician is convinced that the spirit actually takes on “physical/tangible” form. It may refer also to the actual PHYSICAL effects the spirit or conjuration ceremony has on the physical environment: poltergeist activity, banging on walls, flashes of light, winds in a sealed room, etc.  However the phrase most likely is meant to dictate that the spirit looks solid as if indeed, a physical being was standing before you in the room.

My arguments for the support of and importance of this type of conjuration have already been expressed in a previous posting. My reasons for brining it up again are not to reiterate old arguments but to express a realization I had during contemplation and meditation of my previous experiences and also determination to continue performing these types of rituals.  I really feel that spiritual evocation in this particular fashion is at the Height of magical aptitude for a truly gifted adept. One I’m determined to perfect to the best of my ability. It is not simply another method in the wide array of magical undertakings.  It is not the completed end to means either, but certainly one of the most powerful feats afforded to the western Magus. Allow me to expound on this further:

When done properly, a ceremonial magician engages their highest potential of personal power and will to effectivelypull a non-corporeal entity into/onto the physical word and actively engaging it in visual and auditory conversation. Granted, there seems to be a measure of mental and spiritual exaltation involved for the operator to be able to fully behold the spirit, ( meeting it part way) but the effect is second to none, scans complete and utter possession which is not a personal pursuit of mine.

Arguments about the grimorical importance of classical magicians calling spirits to full blown visual appearance were thrown about as if the textual proof was the final say on the matter. Fortunately (or not) that discussion is solely for magical scholars and researchers who have not experienced the event first hand.  I dare say that every successful magician who has achieved this outcome. ( I know of three that I believe have achieved it) will argue that there is no comparison between evocation to “physical  manifestation” and “other forms of spiritual contact” . The event takes quite a great deal of energy and preparation to perform successfully and furthermore, ability to actually bring it about.

The above realization was made more concrete after years of failure, half-successful attempts and disillusioned acceptances of other modified forms of spirit contact. Luckily never settling for “good enough”, i pressed on. Magic in and of itself is multifaceted, stretching across countless measures and methods, cultural and religious filters for achieving a multitude of ends. However, the degree to which those actions produced effects in the physical world, and to witch degree you can observe and objectively experience these workings are debatable.  Evocation, of what I deem a traditional way hits on multiple aspects of Adepthood despite the intense phenomena which occur as result of a successful operation.

The very time it takes to learn the ritual by heart, create and collect all the necessary and typically rare items, plan out and perform the entire ritual correctly, and work through the rigorous purification process before performing the actual evocation, is a testament to the ability, discipline, willpower, determination, and tenacity of not only the magician, but to to the validity of the ritual. Very few  magical workings can attest to achieving so many dynamic spiritual paradigms . Indeed, few magicians have the desire, or means to even carry out such a task.  It is typically the magicians who never try are the same  magicians who scoff heaviest at such “purest ideals”.

Another reason why I place SO much emphasis on this type of practice is that it a veritable MAGICAL TEST unlike any another. It might be comparative to a full fledged ring fight after years of training, conditioning and working your ass off. You only know if you GOT WHAT IT TAKES, when your finally in the ring (or circle as it were) For the Olympic athlete who dedicates their life to being the best at what they do, the chance to prove themselves at the games is an opportunity of a life time.  There are not many TESTS a magician can put themselves to. How do you REALLY gauge proficiency and level of achievement? If you’re a comfy New Ager, you’ll stick with the folks that assure you that “whatever you do will be fine and that of COURSE your magic/spell worked! Just maybe not how you thought.”

All too often, magicians get swept away in the fluffy, “everyone’s right” and “of course you are powerful” flimflam of the modern, overweight-sloppy, pagan movement which is an embarrassment to the magical community as I view it.

This is not to come off as insulting or even “superior” to others. Far from it, these standards are what I hold myself to. If you find yourself insulted, you may what to ask “why”?

Look, anyone who claims personal power of any degree and leads and unhealthy and unsuccessful lifestyle does NOT have any powerful effect over the real world ( let alone…themselves).  Quite the opposite in fact, most likely they are being consumed by their own disillusioned fantasies and personal justifications. As within so without guys, the circumstances don’t lie.  These types of people have NO REAL MAGICAL POWERS TO SPEAK of.  –Period- I have little regard for the se types of people, and pay no heed when they try to “inform” me of their particular magical quality. I take these hard truths under account myself and see OBVIOUS areas where I need improvement. If I don’t look hard enough at myself, I find myself coming up with self-justifications and excuses….a poor road to magic and development.

SO back to evocation:  Here is my gauge for my magical development since it is extremely difficult in the textual sense. Difficult not only to produce the intended result of “physical manifestation/appearance” but to keep a level head during the entire rite, to stand sometimes over an hour after having fasting and preparing, all the while taking notes and trying to record exactly what the spirit is telling me, word for word without falsely interpreting it. I do this all while trying to maintain a very exalted state of mind/being.

The magic is not just “In the results” guys! It’s just part of the whole process. Since my purpose for magic is not just to get that extra money, extra, influence, power, protection or what have you, its in the very action in and of itself. The “how”. I may be an energy or experience junkie, but this is what fuels me in ceremonial magic; the whole big KABOOM, beginning to end, the intense experience and follow up. If given the choice, I would NOT elect to skip the dramatics and just get to “what I want”. To me that would be missing the whole point.. I realize others don’t feel this way and that is fine. I don’t mean to push my methods on others, just express the passion behind my own. Occult knowledge is not solely gained from the spirit, but from the performance of the evocation itself.

SO needless to say, I am relatively unconcerned with most modern and abridged forms of magical workings and pay them and the magicians who practice them little mind.Granted, a point I agree with is that the physical items and strict ceremonies will not be as necessary as experience and understanding increase. However, I feel this is a justification many people jump to way to early without first really achieving the results I mentioned before.


Recently a new influx of magical workings and possibilities has been on the table and I’ve been passionately pursuing old passions and abilities. Despite my primary passion for Ceremonial magic in spiritual evocation, I’m once again exploring the astral worlds by heading there myself…..and taking others with me.

When I was fifteen years of age, I learned how to hypnotize people after reading an article about it and trying it out on a close friend. Soon afterword I was hypnotizing my immediate family and close friends. One method which has been quite successful has been assisting others to astral project while under a deep state of hypnosis. So successful was the method that my father who at the time was the biggest skeptic and attributed the phenomena to heightened imagination, came awake shocked after feeling the literal and very real effects of lifting out of his body.

Some experiments are set in place to conduct purposeful projection to locations of the physical nature and then not so physical nature. The purpose: For beginners, it will be a shared knowledge of experience and experimentation…then, who knows. Already, a close friend and magical colleague has experienced a tremendous voyage while having an out of body experience…

Morning evocation

Morning evocation with Eastern chora angel reminds me that angels are ill concerned for helping humans support a faulty fantasy of ourselves or some sense of deserved circumstance. Instead the angel revealed truth and the simple path for true happiness which does not match the glimmering temptations of society nor my haughty imaginings. Not only are these angels veritable beyond question, they shred the illusions and fallacies of this world in an hour of words and images shown in stark clarity. How much do I really want to connect to divinity, and the world of spirit? How much do we (I) just really want to be externally gratified and supported by a spirit to fulfill physical extravagances?

Ironically, I remember when my magical experiments began with questions of, “is it real? Will it work?”  Now the questions are “Can I live in the way which the being describes? Will I do what is required to really be what I said I desired to be?”  Its not complicated…Its ridiculously simple.

Simple, but not easy. Obviously, what it means to be a “great magician” is defined by an angel differently than my own ego. I’m wagering on the side of the angel having clearer view of reality than myself these days……all days. I wonder how many people would actually acknowledge the truth if it was shown to them when asked?

Finally….My Book!!

I was hesitant to write this post but now feel confident that my DSIC book will FINALLY be a go after much waiting, and disheartening past moments from other publishers. I’m excited to finally get this thing moving once again! I know it seems as if I’ve made this post before but hopefully this will be the last time. I do not have a DATE FOR RELEASE of the book yet, but I do have confirmation of a contract and a very supportive publishing company who is behind me and thinks this book will be a tremendous success!

I’ve been continuing with my work and working with a promising student who is deciding to try this experiment and work it as I have given it as well. Even with the book’s progression toward print, the work that this book describes in detail has blossomed into a growing art which I hope will inspire many competent magicians. My hope is that it will yield similar, astounding fruit from its use and application.

Thank you to all my fellow magicians who have read and supported this work and in particular to Magus Michael Cecchetelli for introducing me to my prospective publisher.

Traditional magic work is tedious, time consuming, and difficult to juggle with the equal task of living a successful, modern-day lifestyle. The effects of results and experiences are worth it for those who achieve it though, and I hope this book will do just that for those who have a desire to see it done no matter the difficulty.

Thank you to all those who have been patiently waiting for this, I’ve been eager to get it to you….hopefully the wait shall not be much longer!

10th Operation. March,4 2012 6:29am Sun in Pisces Moon in Cancer, waxing. Final operation of the one year completed cycle of all four Almadel and Chora Altitudes.

I arose after a somewhat restless night. Showered, put on my clothes for the Northern Chora, and headed to my magical chamber. I sprinkled some holy water upon my head and anointed my eyes, temples and head with the hyssop oil while reciting the Psalm. All was arranged and the angel’s presence became apparent through the early part of the first evocation. Angel Captiel appeared in the crystal and regarded me in a kindly manner. I at once added mastic to the censer with coals and the smoke coiled around the Almadel in steady rising for the duration of the ceremony.

At this time I asked for my usual wishes and desires to be fulfilled as read from teh invocation and also that any obstacles, mentally, physically and externally be removed from my presence which hindered progression further in magic. The angels are to bind and remove unwanted things if consulted correctly. The angel said that it would continue to do so and also act as helper beyond the ceremonies to assist me in my pursuits.

During this final operation, I asked that the angel bless my elemental Earth disk implement which was underneath the altar as I had done with the other Chora angels. The angel said to remove it from other the altar and present it before him. I did so and the angel seemed to extend some of its presence past the Almadel and said to meditate on it when I needed to feel centered and balanced, and to remember to return to the natural working of the world and universe. I held on to the disk for the duration of the operation and indeed I felt more centered than ever before, as if a clear, immovable state of calmness had come over me. I spent a while beholding the angel and extending my thoughts to him which he seemed to comprehend completely and I was encouraged that I would continue in the correct direction for magical undertaking so long as my heart extended to the glory of God in the correct manner. I took this to heart and felt as long as my true will extended to my purpose for which I was conducting these experiments I would continue to learn.

I felt so thankful and blessed for the assistance of all the angels of the Almadels and at some point bowed my head before the altar and said a prayer of thanks for their attentiveness to me and continued presence and assistance through these experiments. I stayed in a state of complete gratefulness and openhearted attentiveness which again brought tears to my eyes. No other magical experiment has been as the Almadel ones have. I believe they grant fulfillment in the manners of aligning the magician to the elementally harmonious aspects of their lives. Although I have completed a full years cycle, I will undoubtedly begin a new series again with the Eastern Angels and perhaps even learn and communicate deeper with them since my first initial experiments.

I spent a while saying prayers of thanks and respectful departures as I bid Captiel farewell till our next formal meeting, the angel remarked that it would be near and continue to assist me beyond this operation. After I snuffed the candles and tided my working area, I spent some time relaxing in my magical chamber, taking in the rich deep scents left by the angel’s presence which is ironically different than the mastic incense but blends quite well together.

I packed up the carpets and canopy and altar covering, re-exposing the surface of the Solomonic Pauline Altar. …SO much has been done and so much more to yet to be done…there’s no finishing point, but always a reaching. Beyond any images of the mind, there is the purity and beauty of true magic.